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How to Convince Skeptics the Bible Is True

When trying to convince a skeptic the Bible is true, you share with them mostly factual knowledge, not just opinions and personal experiences. Here are four things you can share with a skeptic to convince them the Bible is valid, hopefully leading them to a conversion experience by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, thus saving their soul from hell and the eventual lake of fire.

The Syrian Powder Keg: Building Toward an End-Times Climax

Syria is building toward an exciting climax, one that will most likely involve a multi-faceted result of Syrian President Assad’s imminent fall. But what makes this story even more compelling is the likely prophetic impact it will have, as it appears that end-times Bible prophecy hangs in the balance.

The World Wide Web Is Disturbing God’s Messengers

I have seen it stated that man invented God, and then had to find a way to market the product. And so was born the multi-headed monster known as “Religion.” Over the centuries this marketing tool has developed in ways never envisaged by its creators.

Bethany Hamilton: An Inspirational Young Woman

When Bethany Hamilton tragically lost her left arm in a shark attack, she summons the will to do what most people will not do. She figures out a way how to surf professionally in spite of her disability. Amazingly she not only succeeded she thrived at the sport!

Ways to Spread the Word of God

In today politically correct society, it seems that anything Christian should not be discussed, seen, or mentioned in public. It is almost like trying to shun almost 3/4th of the population into a closet under the guise of tolerance. It is our duty as Christians to spread the word to others.

Come, Let Us Outsmart Them

In our time it is the haredim that are proliferating exponentially creating demographic facts on the ground that will in a few short years redefine the nature and culture of the State of Israel. Democratic values will be replaced by halacha where things like tzinius (modesty) and shemirat mitzvot (observance of Jewish law) will be the standard, expected normative behavior of every good citizen. Israeli democracy according to Benny Katzover (veteran settler leader) should be dismantled and in its place a halachic state should be established.

Sermons on Easter – Four Questions Your Resurrection Sermon Should Answer

As pastors are writing sermons on Easter, they recognize that Easter is the most important holiday of the year for Christians. This is the Sunday when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! It is because of what Christ did for us on the cross that we can celebrate eternal life.

Who Is Jesus Christ? (Revisited)

While in Caesarea Philippi, Jesus Christ asked His disciples who people thought He was. And they answered him, some said John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah or another prophet. Probing further, Jesus wanted his friends to tell him who they thought he was. Simon Peter answered that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God.

Another Miracle

After they left the synagogue, they went directly to the house of Simon and Andrew, along with James and John. Now Simon’s mother-in-law was lying in bed, sick with a fever, so they promptly told Jesus about her. He went up to her, took her by the hand, and helped her up.

Persecution – The Fuel of Faith

Is it time for another Reformation? Or are we at the end of the church era just prior to the return of Christ? It would seem we are perched upon the precipice of end time events, just waiting for the return of our Lord.

Multiplying in the Mega-Church

Mega-churches have converted their houses of worship to concert halls in an effort to attract members. Preachers are polished and poised, worship leaders have become professional emcees, dress is causal and even chic. The Bible text is brief, and the message is short on exposition and long on illustration. Painful or controversial topics such as abortion, homosexuality, hell and the return of Jesus Christ are avoided. Powerful sermons that denounce sin and call for repentance are rarely if ever heard.

Iran, Israel and the Coming Apocalypse

Iran is warning of a coming war against Israel and the U.S., while Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta declares Israel could launch a military strike on Iran this spring. What is behind this dramatic build-up? And how might this apocalyptic face-off lay the foundation for the fulfillment of end-times Bible prophecy? This article answers those questions.

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