Supernatural POWER hit MIAMI!

The Home Church is a Church in the Family

If that is what these big churches do, why do you need them? What does the bible teach us about assembly of believers? When we do assemble what are we supposed to do. I Corinthians 14:2 say we all have something to do for all. It assumes that the church meets for all.

What to Look For in a First Communion Dress

Are you getting ready to celebrate a special girl’s First Communion? Here are some tips for picking the right dress?

A Miracle in Ecclesiastes

A miracle is something ordinary and extraordinary, but special. It is something fascinating, honest, and supernatural.

Success For Suffering Churches

With many places of worship under pressure to keep their doors open many people and congregations are looking at new and inventive ways to an open sign in the window. One of the more interesting ways is through at MLMs or multi level marketing.

The Power of the Holy Spirit

While a member of the KKK, Mr Harris was assigned the duty of reading the Bible to find verses (or partial verses) to justify the Klan’s claim to be the only “true” Christians. Well while doing his “research” he started to realize that what the Scriptures said didn’t line up with the Klan’s version of Christianity.

Are You Afraid to Trust God?

There are reasons why some people are afraid to trust God for His help. But it seems that in the troubling days we are living in, a few more people each day are at least considering the possibility of receiving help from God. Perhaps this article can be of great assistance to those wondering if they really can trust God to help them.

In the Father’s Throne Room – Part 1

How is it that we can approach God Himself in His Heavenly Throne Room? This is Part 1 of a look at the answer to the question in the book of Hebrews.

Change Your Questions, Change Your Church

History changed when a single question changed. How would our churches change if we were to change our questions? When you listen to the questions that you and your church are asking, are they limiting or are they powerful?

Is Your Church Struggling Financially?

In times of financial anxiety, church leaders need to focus on what they can control: themselves and their own leadership. Pastors, staff and lay leaders all play a part in living out the vision, clarifying their responsibility, and managing their own anxiety.

The Truth – Born Again Into the Church – Lesson 3

The spiritual Reformation that happens in a man that places him into the church is not something that can be refused or accepted just like the natural birth or shall we call it the fleshly birth cannot be refused or accepted because it is something that just happens. The only thing the infant in Christ comes to realize is that he has a desire for God.

The Rapture – The Comfort of Christ’s Coming

The new Christians at Thessalonica along with the Apostle Paul experienced persecution because of their faith in Christ. They were wondering why many of their fellow believers had fallen asleep (died) and what would happen to them when Christ returned. Paul wanted them to understand that death is not the end of the story.

Revelation 12:9 Will the Church Fail?

Satan is amongst us – cast unto the earth. Learn his plan here and thwart it!

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