T.B. Joshua Has A Meeting In The Slums of Lagos

Difficult Conversations – The Pathway to Change

Whether your goal is for your church to grow, stop shrinking or to just plain stay open, some things are going to have to change. Churches are closing all over the world and if you do nothing different, yours will be among them.

Why Choose God

Christians today are often questioned about their beliefs. Some people ask how it is that people can believe in God and Jesus Christ in this modern age. Many believe science will provide all of the answers to the questions of life, so why choose God?

The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses in Siauliai, Lithuania, is a symbol of the determination of a people to maintain religious and national freedom. Crosses, statues and carvings have been placed on this mound of dirt for more than six centuries in spite of the fact that the Russians destroyed the crosses and leveled the hill more that three times in the past century alone. We have much to learn about faith and patriotism from the people of Siauliai, Lithuania.

God & Aliens – Hubble Telescope Makes the Case For Both

It seems almost everyday we are given a new mind-boggling image from the Hubble Telescope showing such an immense clarity to our Universe that it’s almost beyond comprehension. The latest phenomenal picture shows the Universe at just 600 million after the Big Bang. It’s the earliest image yet.

2012 – A New Perspective in Time and Galactic Cycles

This is not your normal article regarding 2012; I want to look at it with a little different point of view. Granted, from a historical perspective, it seems ominous when you read all of the predictions regarding the cycles of time and Galactic alignments.

2012 – Return of Jesus Christ?

The Lord Jesus came as prophesied the first time to Bethlehem. He will return to this earth again this second time, according to prophecy, as well.

Conformed to the Image

Does it irritate you when a preacher or teacher says God told me this or God said that? Yeah, it used to irritate me too, until I got serious with God, and He showed up.

Accommodation of Sin

The Bible is opposed to all forms of sin. And because people naturally love their sins, it is opposed to the sins of godlessness and multiculturalism. Beware of leaders who value freedom over truth.

The Leper in an Over-Sized Garment

I know a man in the Bible whose name was Naaman. He was a commander of the army of the king of Syria. In the eyes of his master, he was a great and honorable man, because by him the LORD had given victory to Syria. He was also a mighty man of valor but he was a leper.

Grace – The Beauty of His Holiness

Grace – the beauty of His Holiness! Yes; Grace is God’s holiest gift. It represents everything that Jesus is, has done and is giving to you. The more you realize how much you have been forgiven, the more aware you become of the beauty of His holiness, and the more it will be revealed through you!

Risky Deviations

In many places of the Bible, God presents us with warning or counsel not to deviate from the original principle or law which we have been taught to follow. God is always annoyed when His people forget history to do things on the wrong way. Having studied God’s word and known the implications of deviating from what God has said, I have in this article laid bare the many ways people are ignoring God’s word and showing the implications of doing so. Some steps shall help to guide us properly in the subject at hand.

How to Live a Guilt-Free Christian Life

Make no mistake about it. Your own performance (no matter how good it might be) will never improve the fantastic status you already have in Christ. His blood makes you holy…righteous…perfectly cleansed. If you are struggling with guilt and condemnation even after you repented, you must hear the Gospel (the Good News) once again.

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