Living on a Hutterite Colony

The Hutterites are a Christian group formed in Switzerland in the 1600’s. They live communally in parts of Canada and the United States. Living in one of their colonies might make life easier for many people.

Gay Rights – When Will God Settle It?

At a rally on Sunday October 11, 2009, several Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual advocates joined together for the demand of rights in society. They feel they should have the same rights as other members in society and that it should not be based on preference.

Pre-Determined Future – The Logic in the Free Will Verses Fate Or Destiny Debate

Fate! Is it so or do we, as intelligent life forms have control over our own destiny? Do we have free will? I am not trying to prove either way, only to present the facts and one possible, logical progression of thought. The hypothetical experiments that I put forward are experiments that I believe will never be able to take place, therefore never proving the existence of fate. However, they will never disprove it either.

The Biblical Truth About Remarriage

Don’t lose your salvation by being deceived. The Bible tells us to “be not deceived,” and those words were never as true as they are today.

Can You Be a True Christian and Still Have a Swell Time on This Earth?

Living a Christian life simply means living that life which is devoid of those activities that cause harm to our neighbour. In other words, abstaining from those things which are not of benefit to those with whom we interact.

Why Do We Praise God?

I read an article recently which talked about why we should praise God. Some of the reasons given were: (1) God is excited at praises, which moves Him to empty His heart towards us. (2) When we praise God, we are placed where we cannot be pulled down by circumstances. (3) Praise gives us freedom.

Christian Worldview

An article on Christian worldview. What is a Christian Worldview and how do Christians perceive their environment different than non-Christians? Why should a Christian’s worldview be any different than anyone else?

Heaven, Hell and the Herd Mentality

While doubt continues to spread about the existence of The Almighty God, there are people who believe in God but who take their beliefs to the extreme and therefore become fanatics. While Others just remain lukewarm, being too busy to spend time on religious matters. Such lukewarm or lazy attitude constitute a serious danger because valuable time meant for spiritual growth it wasted. Whichever group a person belongs, it is in his interest to pull out and search for the truth diligently. If he is sincere in his quest, he will find truth.

Can a Good Catholic Be Wealthy? – Part IV of IV – Stocks Vs Mutual Funds

This is the last post of the 4-part series of “Can a Good Catholic Be Wealthy?” I hope by this time, I have convinced you that it is morally acceptable for a Catholic to be wealthy. Although in theory, this is not difficult to accept, there seems to be an unwritten rule against anyone making lots of money in a short span of time without actually working for it.

Can a Good Catholic Be Wealthy? – Part III of IV – The Rich Young Man

I venture to make a hunch that 99.9% of Christians worldwide is familiar with the story of the Rich Young Man in the gospels. You know, the story about the man who goes up to Jesus and asks what he must do to gain eternal life, and then goes home disappointed because he was very rich and didn’t want to give up all his belongings?

Can a Good Catholic Be Wealthy? – Part II of IV – Wealthy Saints

There is sometimes a misconception of why the Catholic Church canonizes her saints. Some believe that the Church canonizes saints to honour them for their works of charity, etc. However, that is not at all the real reason.

History of Christenings

Water itself has been used in religious rites for thousands of years. It represents a cleansing of the body, spirit or soul. Many cultures throughout history have used this symbolism for different occasions. The act of Christening, or Baptism, is but one of many such rites.

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