Tanzania pt 2

Gift Ideas For Tickets This Christmas

Tickets are a great way to please all your Christmas gift recipients because there are always a wide variety of tickets available for you to give. Here are some ideas for tickets for everyone on your list.

How to Help the Incoming Pastor and the Church to Succeed in Their First Year

An important aspect of the intentional interim pastor’s job is to prepare the congregation and the incoming pastor so that they deal with issues from their past, adopt excellent communication behaviors and negotiate unspoken expectations. By counseling the congregation to have realistic expectations and the incoming pastor about the state of the church, the interim pastor prepares both church and pastor for ministry success.

Vellore Moments: Different Gods

Over the past year my job has taken me through the length and breadth of Vellore and Thiruvanamalai districts of Tamil Nadu. What kept fascinating me were the village temples and enormous statues in their outskirts. Being city born and bred, the temples I have been to were invariably the ones which housed one of the three pantheons of orthodox Hindu faith. They would be a Shiva, Krishna,Vishnu or of their consorts. Without exception they were run by Brahmin priests.

Jesus For YOU

The central message of the New Testament is not short of breathtaking. Despite the fact that it has been recorded for two thousand years, Christians must continue to share this amazing proclamation. And there are many reasons why we re-tell the old truths with as much fresh vitality as we can muster.

Tickets For Holiday Events That Are Sure To Please

If you are looking for great tickets this holiday season, then here are some ideas. You may also want to consider giving them as gifts.

Heaven! Who Could Stand It?

Do clergy, monks and nuns have a god gene and a selective advantage in getting to heaven? The article denies this, pointing to faith (which anyone may develop) as the secret. How could the converted thief on the cross fit into heaven? Because he, like anyone else, could have a genetic makeover and be “changed” at the second coming. God who gave us a love of music, art, food and sex in this earthly probationary life may do much better by us in the next one.

Wisdom Is Calling to You, Part 1

Proverbs 8 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. I was meditating on it recently and decided to begin a study on it.

Ladies, How To Get The Relationship You Want: Catch Him, Keep Him By Christian Carter

If you want great relationships, then it’s up to you to develop the right skills. Your man will not change. This book will teach you how to relate to men in a way that you can communicate with them and land the man of your dreams.

Biblical Reconciliation

Relationships hold the key to the revelations of God. Christians have developed a stagnation of Biblical truths which is a result of the lack of conciliatory behavior. The Christians must realize that they are not an entity unto themselves, but are part of the Body of Christ.

It’s Time for Brillo Pad – Part V

I believe the greatest problem in the modern Church today is that of false expectations. We have been taught a brand of Christianity for the past four decades that is contrary to the Biblical truth. The Bible model of Christianity begins and ends with the glorification of Jesus Christ and the raising up of courageous and sacrificial men and women of God who desire the Kingdom of God above all else.

It’s Time for the Brillo Pad – Part VI

The word AMEN is said to be the best know word in the entire world. Nearly every language uses this word in its original form. It has come to mean two things. One we know as THE END and the other is THIS IS THE TRUTH. How essential it is to know that we are living in the end times in order to be set free from LUKEWARMNESS.

It’s Time for the Brillo Pad – Part III

The word “ecology” is a term that is very much in style today. Indeed the study of ecology is of vast importance to the world we live in. That is why I was quite surprised when I continued to use the Brillo Pad (articles one and two will explain) to remove the centuries of encrusted ideas, opinion, doctrines and methods of man from the sword of the Lord. In obedience to the Lord, I again applied myself to this cleaning process and again was startled by what I saw.

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