Tanzania pt. 3

Glimpses Of Scripture 4

In the Bible we find great counsel for how to live a safe and victorious life. Why do so few people find or take time to read and live it? Be one of the wise ones and daily read the Bible.

Simple Decorating Ideas For Christmas

Although there are many ways to decorate your home for Christmas and make it look festive, try these decorating ideas. Not only will they save you some time and money, but they can also be fun to do.

The LORD Says, I Am God – There Is No Other

The LORD says: “I am God; there is no other.” What we do with this fact is up to us. But it is the most important decision – to follow Jesus or not – we will ever make.

The Importance and Need for Great Church Audio Systems

One of the most valuable investments that churches are making is in their audio visual systems. The challenging acoustical nature of most church spaces, defines the need for amplification of the Celebrant and music through professional church sound systems.

Dealing With Commitment Issues Among Music Ministers in the Church

The issue of commitment among music ministers has been one that has effected the effectiveness and productivity of worship services and personal ministries. Irresponsibility is usually a product of poor commitment to a cause. Many music ministries have to deal with music ministers that have lukewarm attitudes, some just seem not to be willing to serve.

All Life Is Precious

Spare the unborn baby, ignore the dying senior, and kill the law breaker. From Pro Life to Take a Life, the Christian seems to run a gambit of emotions pertaining to its role in the life and death of the individual.

Why Self-Condemnation Is Senseless

Once we have dealt with the mistake, lapse, slips, error, or violation-once we have entered courage through repentance – to make the appropriate restitution – we are willed by God to move on. If we believe in the power of the gospel portent of grace we won’t allow the barbs of self-condemnation to stick into the flesh of our consciences, shredding our spiritual wellbeing. We will take God at his Word.

The Social Networked Virtual Reality Church In Your Living Room

The other day, I was looking up some information online about bioterrorism and the potential that the human race might be hit by a pandemic bird flu, or some other catastrophic plague, germ, virus, or disease. There are folks at the CDC which study the spread of disease, and there are all sorts of algorithms and software programs to protect it. Indeed, one of the worst things you can do is go out in public where other people have already contracted the rapidly spreading disease or virus and congregate with them. Speaking of congregations, going to church could be a real problem.

The Ministry of Reconciliation

This is the first in a series on the critical ministry of reconciliation that every Christian should embody. This arose out of the observance of a Caribbean nation’s jubilee anniversary of political independence.

Glimpses Of Scripture 1

God’s Word, The Bible, offers many wonderful and uplifting messages for each of us. Read these and put your trust in the One who can satisfy your every need.

Families Adapting to a Changing World

The world is changing. As a general rule, families no longer leave close to each other. Certain technologies can help us adapt.

Don’t Let a Preacher Come Between You and Your Religion

You should never let a mortal man come between you and your God. Especially when the said mortal man is a religious leader for all the wrong reasons…

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