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Positive Prayers Yield Negative Responses: Pray Tell Why

If there is anything the Big Three monotheistic religions agree on it’s the power of positive prayer. What I ‘pray’ for is an end to human stupidity; those who believe in the power of positive prayer in the first place. My prayer will of course go unanswered.

Living In Full Assurance of Faith

The true Christian experience is one of having put away the guilt of condemnation for past deeds. For present deeds where we fall short we have repentance. Repentance is a completely adequate transaction before God in emending the missing of the mark.

Just What Is An Evangelical?

Evangelicalism continues to excite the pens of New Atheists and stir a far wider interest. In some parts of the globe, evangelicalism has seen remarkable growth over the last 50 years. Many are asking about its origins, and how it came to have its present identity. But then, what do we mean by ‘identity’ when today ‘evangelicalism’ has become slippery, with various meanings, including political affiliations. And then, let’s face it, uncertainty is rife – the new fashionable certainty! And when evangelicals are being called to ‘Drop any affair you may have with certainty, proof, argument – and replace it with dialogue, conversation, intrigue, and search’, what really marks an evangelical?

It’s Time for Brillo Pads

As I waited on the Lord today I saw an old fashioned Brillo Pad placed into my hand. Some of you may not know what a brillo pad is. Brillo Pads are made for “deep cleaning”. They are made of steel wool with a strong detergent soap embedded into the steel wool. They are used when things have become especially dirty, rusty and unclean. As I sought the Lord concerning this vision He spoke to my heart saying, “I have used you to clean the surface rust off some of the cutting edge of the sword of the Lord that has been neglected With this sword you have been able to accomplish some wonderful things, but it is now time to go to the heart of the sword – that part that gives weight and power to the cutting edge.

It’s Time for the Brillo Pad II

In my most recent encounter the Lord handed me an old fashioned “brillo pad” and with it told me to clean the sword of the Lord that had become encrusted with centuries of fleshly and carnal ideas, methods, and doctrines. The second day I was cleaning the sword of the Lord I heard Him say “It will take Holy Spirit muscle for this job.

Need For Audio Visual Systems in Churches

Audio visual systems for churches are an important thing to consider during church renovations as proper sound projection plays an essential role in worship in the church. The primary goal of having a quality church sound system is to make sure that the entire congregation can hear every word of the Service, from the front, all the way to the back of the church. There are a few trusted professional AV companies that truly understand the needs of a church sound system specific to the worship style.

God Started All This, So Why Does He Blame Me?

‘Look you Christians, it’s all very well for you to tell me, I’ve broken God’s commandments and that I’m now guilty, but hang on. If God made all this in the first place, how come he can then blame me, when it goes wrong?’ A lot of people use this sort of argument against their being guilty in God’s sight, as it seems to give them a large loophole. How could they ever be accused of being guilty, when they never asked to be born and the whole show has been staged anyway? I need to look at this protest. You might even be thinking this way yourself!

Allowing God to Free the Mind

To truly rely on God is freeing for the mind. When the mind is free, we are able to labour in freedom. We enjoy our work. But only when we see the purpose God has for it and his purpose for us in this work. We come alive when we love our work.

The Shock of White Hair!

White hair conjures up wisdom, intelligence, someone aging, a sage with discernment, sound judgment, clear thinking and common sense. White hair doesn’t go with “perfect.” It goes with someone who knows the ropes, experienced it and failed at some point but rose above it. “Perfect” means flawless, pure, and innocent, not someone associated with failure or for that matter experience. We do pride ourselves on experience, unless, you’ve been to the “Cross.” So what does the cross, experience, shock, and white hair have to do with anything? Join us and find out!

‘Contemporary Worship’ – New Move Of The Spirit?

Many would reply to my title question with a resounding ‘Yes!’ Others might want time to think about it. In this article I want to discuss this movement and what distinguishes it from earlier forms of Christian worship. Is this movement a genuine work of the Holy Spirit? This is a searching subject, which I have clarified in this updated article.

The Christmas Story Told by John

When we read the Christmas story, we usually turn to Matthew or Luke. John has a unique and wonderful approach to this event.

The Most Popular Churches in London

London has some of the most historic architectural buildings in the world. It is in London where you find some of the world famous cathedrals, chapels and churches. These have been witness to the making of the history for more than 100 years.

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