Teenager Goes From Being A Skeptic To A Believer!

Beyond Human Approval and Rejection

Approval and rejection are two powerful forces within humanity describing perceptions of success and failure at the level of our human identity. The trouble with each, approval and rejection, is both are highly subjective; especially when we feel threatened and overly needy. But there is One who already approves of us…

The Presidency

The closer we come to the Election the more articulate and focused becomes the label wearing Christian. We are not electing a Presidential Pastor, but a leader that will lead and represent all the people.

The Movement of the Holy Spirit

Christians often make much ado about being targeted in spiritual warfare by the enemy, Satan. We may be much less prone to thinking that the Holy Spirit targets us in ways to prompt us into obedience and repentance. Indeed, it is much more important to notice the Holy Spirit’s targeting than the enemy’s. If we are prayerfully aware, in a constant way per 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we will enjoy an intimate relationship with this Spirit for Life.

Does Evolution Lift You Up Or Let You Down?

The theory of Evolution has become a foundational belief of our modern secular society. Indeed, it is widely assumed that evolutionary assumptions are largely responsible for the spectacular rise in Western scientific knowledge and cultural advances over the past 150 years. Biological evolution has gathered so much prestige that to gainsay it quickly provokes scornful ridicule. So, before I set myself up for similar treatment, I would like you to review whether evolution has really lifted you, or let you down.

Isaiah 58 – The Heart for Worship

The effect of obedience, true worship, is the blessing of God toward many actualities of deliverance and prosperity. But what is true worship? This topic, of all topics, has held the attention of Christian spirituals since time immemorial. It is clear, as we read the prophets, that there was a heinous dichotomy between the acts of the people of God and the acts of true worship. Isaiah 58 highlights this paradox between false and true worship.

Application for HR

Most businesses are managed in part by human resource managers. These professionals calculate employees’ paychecks, ensure that workers have access to benefits, and train people who have just been hired for positions.

Kingdom Service – Channel Of God’s Unlimited Blessing

If you are not serving God, it means that you have missed out of the purpose of God for your salvation. Until you are found in the center of the purpose of your redemption, you cannot enjoy the full benefits of your redemption package in Christ.

Thank God for the Atheist Experience

After months of watching renowned atheists give many different lectures and participate in lively debates with some of the top apologists in the world it suddenly occurred to me: maybe I was missing something. Maybe a crucial argument or piece of evidence on the existence of a deity that only a regular citizen could provide. After all the case was only being argued from the point of view of an experienced theologians and doctors.

Spiritual Warfare – Does It Really Exist?

Through my personal experiences I have come to realize that Spiritual Warfare doesn’t only exist but is very real and very needed in today world. In this article I’ll share with you situations that have happened to me and the scriptures that back it up.

Bible Numerology – Numbers With a Biblical Meaning

Bible Numerology is very present and obvious in the many books of the Bible. I provide some examples of the most common numbers in the Bible and their significance in terms of numerology.

Hail the Designers

Intelligent design or creationism is being promoted onto the school curricula in some countries, particularly the US. Is it really science and what are the implications of this theory?

Greener Grass on the Other Side

What do we have in common with a Texas longhorn? We are both tempted to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

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