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Christianity and Spiritual Warfare

The term ‘Christianity’ comes from the Greek word’sozo,’ which means ‘to restore’ or ‘to save.’ Jesus came to bring salvation for the body and soul, not just for the physical body. This belief is backed by the fact that a priest’s faith-filled prayer can save the sick. In the gospels, about 20 percent of the public ministry of Jesus is devoted to reports of physical healing and exorcisms.

In the New Testament, baptism is the first step to receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. On the Day of Pentecost, Peter told the crowds to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. By repentance, the people received the gift of the Holy Spirit. A prominent example of baptism in the Gospels is the story of Paul, who was baptized by the apostle Ananias. Paul was baptized when he called upon Christ’s name.

In Nigeria, the idea of’satanic election’ was popularized. Nigerians started to develop their own version of this spiritual election theme. In a mid-1970s book entitled ‘The Satanic Diversion of the Black Race,’ Olukoya replied to a question of whether Christians were really Christians. He says Christianity originated as a religion that originated in Africa. It was later abandoned by the black race for idolatry, a universal sin.

Despite this widespread belief, evangelism and spiritual warfare are integral to Christian life. In fact, charismatic Christianity has half a billion followers and is growing exponentially. In the process, it has re-invigorated the militant Christian subject. In addition, prayer is an essential weapon of spiritual warfare and a central part of redemptive praxis. There is a clear connection between these two aspects of Christianity.

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