Born Again – Religion Or What?

In my experience, I have noticed that many people even many Christian are confused with the phrase, “Born Again”. A confusion that led many people astray. I hope in this article I’ll be able to remove that confusion. May we understand this phrase the way Jesus mean it.

The Sacred Cube Symbol

Symbols are powerful! Symbols express concepts that are difficult to articulate. The three dimensional Cube is a most interesting symbol, representing the Universe, the Planet Earth (the plane of physical manifestation), and the Human Body.

Are You Interested in Zen Buddhism? Learn the Meditation Secrets of the Masters

Meditation is a vital component of the practice of Zen Buddhism, including many different exercises and techniques to promote the ongoing development of the awareness of our essential nature. Two aspects of Zen Buddhist practice, each with it’s own techniques, are observation and cessation. Between each of these extremes there is a balance that needs to found. Attachment to either one can lead to it’s own problems.

If You Want to Prosper, Go to God’s Word

In these troubled times, more and more people are wondering if they will ever prosper. The Bible declares a simple way to true prosperity. Take a look at a sure way to prosper in every area of life.

How to Write a Sermon

Learning how to write sermons is not difficult. But you need a practical process of preparation. The process begins with determining the purpose and from there developing the main points, sub points and other structural elements. Finally you write the call to action, introduction and the title. The order that you write the structural elements of the sermon effect your creativity and the development of the sermon.

Grow Your Family Stronger With Christian Family Counseling

Christian family counseling isn’t just a way to help your troubled teen work through their issues. It’s also a great path to growing together spiritually as a family unit serving the Lord. Though many families consider counseling as a possible avenue to future family arguments, quite the opposite is true.

Is a Christian Boarding School the Best Answer?

Are you the parent of a Christian troubled teen? If so, you and your spouse may be considering whether or not to send your child off to a Christian boarding school. Sending your child away is a big decision, and there are many things that should be taken into consideration before doing so. The impact of treating behavior issues outside of the home can be extremely positive, though it may not be right for every teen.

Christian Boarding Schools – What to Consider

If you are thinking of sending your troubled teen to a Christian boarding school, there may be many thoughts going through your mind. Even if you have already evaluated your child’s individual situation and decided to in fact send him or her to boarding school, there are still decisions to be made. Choosing a school for your child to attend for an extended period of time is a major decision in itself after all.

The Benefits of Christian Family Counseling

Troubled teens are found in all homes, in all demographics. Whether from a Christian home or not, teens go through many challenges while growing, and it’s not uncommon for them to rebel at some point. Families of troubled teens often feel helpless, but many are turning to the power of Christian family counseling.

Saint Augustine – His Road to Conversion

Saint Augustine had a lot in common with Saint Ambrose, who led him into Christianity. St. Ambrose was born a Roman in 334 A.D. and died April 4, 397. When Augustine met St. Ambrose, he was about fifty years old and had been a Bishop over ten years. Although born of a Christian family, St. Ambrose, too, had not been baptized at birth. Having lost his father, young, he, like Augustine, was most influenced by his mother.

The Misguidance of Man Worshiping God With a Crucifix

The crucifixion of Jesus was one of mans biggest blunders in history. Yet we build giant crosses and set them high in the sky above our churches. Well intentioned but misguided.

5 Ways to Avoid Ramadan Weight Gain

The fast is a form of ibada that we do solely for the sake of Allah, seeking only his rewards and his pleasure. We must keep our intentions pure for this sake and this sake alone. Ramadan is a time in which we rejuvenate ourselves spiritually.

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