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Seven Steps to Getting Your Prayers Answered

I believe that the power of prayer in a church begins with the individual who, being in agony over someone or even something, prays the more earnestly. How then, you might be wondering, can I pray more earnestly?

Martin Luther Changes the History of the Catholic Church

I was watching a documentary on Martin Luther the other day who back in the 1500s created big problems for the Roman Catholic Church. It seemed like Pope Leo X needed to raise some money and by doing so, did something that he shouldn’t have.

Making a Positive Statement With Bold Christian T-Shirts

Your t-shirt selection plays an important part in the impression you give to others. So, make sure you’re expressing yourself in a positive way. Christian t-shirts are a great way to communicate a positive message with impact.

Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are soon upon us. For most people they are a time of pain and difficulty for many reasons. They are family celebrations, but our families are mostly broken and the holidays remind us of this painful fact. They may remind others of their failure to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – and of the implications of that failure. For many embattled Christians the holidays bring the culture war to the front burner.

Silk Scarves in the Tibetan Tradition – An Auspicious Offering of Good Intentions

White silk scarves, called khatas, are auspicious offerings of welcoming and good intentions in the Tibetan tradition. These scarves symbolize a sincere offering of welcoming and good intentions, often given as a gesture of well-wishing in new relationships.

Exclusive Excerpt – Realigning Religion – Consciousness and the Survival of the Human Species

Many people believed that one section of humanity-their section of the world, made up of those who aligned with their beliefs-were the right ones. They (and they alone) were the ones whom God was with. Many people who were taught a different doctrine or practice also aligned with their fellow humans, and most times, specific leaders declared war and persecution to come upon anyone whose religious beliefs as well as cultural differences should be eliminated.

The Book of Revelation The Author and Date – Pt 1

As pointed out in Back to the Future, the Book of Revelation clearly identifies the earthly instrument in writing Revelation, saying that Christ “sent and communicated it by His angel to His bond-servant John” (1:1). We say “earthly instrument” because “we must remember that the real Author of the book is not the apostle John but God Omniscient Himself.”

Excellence in Leadership

To be excellent means to be unusually good; of very high quality, according to The Complete Christian Dictionary for Home and School. And according to the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary excellent means superior; very good of its kind; eminently good; first class. So in summary will be talking about first class leadership.

The Beauty of Jesus

Righteousness is the very nature of God from which thoughts, words and deeds and products and results consistent with His righteous nature and character exude. It is His very essence, and when God begets anything that thing takes on the nature of God which is righteousness.

It’s Not Your Battle (5)

I know by now you would have been receiving the signals of victory in your situation. No power can withstand the word of God when activated. The difference between a failing and a winning Christian is just the amount of the word of God each of assimilates and applies to their lives.

The Names of God

In the Bible, there are several different names used for the Deity. One name is usually translated as “Almighty”, another is usually translated as “God”, and so on. Jewish Tradition associates the various names with the exercise of different divine attributes.

STAND! Just Follow Me!

This is communication not with inanimate objects and technology but rather with the infinite nature that in dwells us as a triune nature being unlike any other who can hear and receive from a unseen Spiritual Father. This word has floated across my thoughts, paused to linger awhile and then continue to float on its soft wind of travel only to return again.

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