The Anointing is Vital for Spiritual Growth

Galatians – We Are Saved by Grace Alone

The book of Galatians is one of the early epistles written by Paul to early churches in Galatia. Paul was concerned with how the church was falling back into sin. The church knew that they were saved by grace and not by works, but they were falling back into the same habits they had before they were saved by grace.

Matthew 28:19 – The Great Commission and How We Can Fulfill

Matthew 28:19 is one of the most important verses of Scripture when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission. It states “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Missionaries all over the world hold this passage of Scripture in their hearts, and it is a Scripture that more Christians need to take seriously. We are commanded to reach out to a broken world, but most of us are too busy to really take this command seriously.

Cutting Off the End of the Ham

A young, newly-wedded couple is working together in their kitchen, fixing their evening meal. The husband sees the wife slice off the end of their dinner ham and throw it into the trash. “Why’d you do that?” he asks his new bride. She replies, “It’s the way my mother taught me to make a ham.” The husband asks, “Why did she do that?” His wife replies, “I’m not sure, but I’ll find out.”

The Power of Religion – Do We Need It?

God and religion are often regarded as superfluous in a modern World. But still religion is enormously important so do we really need religion in 2012? Should we have a new religion more tailor-made to today’s realities? Writing a Trilogy made me think about the whys and wherefore and the answer was obvious.

Is There Such A Thing As A Gay Christian?

The concept of a gay Christian is a very controversial one. Depending primarily on one’s understanding of Scripture, and their socio-religious worldview, you will most likely receive exceedingly different, contradictory answers to this seemingly simple question. With the existence of a “gay Christian” movement, considering whether or not such a thing as a gay Christian even exists is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

Learning To Let Go of Guilt and Shame

Christians are often plagued with guilt and shame over the sins we commit. This has the tendency to slow or even paralyze our spiritual walk. How do we overcome this common ailment, and allow the reality of sin to stop preventing us from serving God and loving ourselves?

Contemplation: Just A Mystic Activity?

Contemplation is an integral part of the mystic life. A Christian mystic must contemplate just to exist. Otherwise, life with all its minutia will keep you outside of yourself. And you need to go inside. To the inner you.

Ecclesiastes – Nothing Is Important Apart From Christ

The book of Ecclesiastes was written thousands of years ago by a writer who claims to be a son of David. We do not know exactly who wrote this book of the Old Testament, but some scholars have speculated that Solomon wrote this book.

Colossians – The Rght Way to Live

The book of Colossians was written by the apostle Paul to Christians in Colosse. It is one of the shorter epistles, and it appears Paul was really writing this epistle for all Christians. This book is all about the life lessons of God and how we are supposed to live, and Paul wrote it between 58-62 AD.

Is Your Church Holding Worship Services This Sunday?

What war, disease and disaster could not accomplish, Christmas was able to this year. Find out what that is in this article, which addresses a growing trend in the church today.

Memo To All Secularists: Christians Are More Than Two-Dimensional

Why are Christians viewed by the secular world as being only two-dimensional? Why are we perceived as only supporting life and marriage and opposing abortion and homosexuality?

Mantras – A Simple Explanation

A simple explanation of mantra, its uses and effects of mantra on the mind. Mantras are words of power. When verbalized or internalized, they become vibrations of power. The person repeating these mantras eventually feel these vibrations flowing through the body, resulting in a peaceful state of mind which is critical for the beginning of true prayer or the communion with God.

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