The Antichrist Spirit Vs The Spirit Of God

God Wants to Use You

The book Hebrews was written for readers who knew the history of God’s involvement with his people very well. They knew the Old Testament and were familiar with the customs.

Wrapped in Loving Arms

It’s early morning. We’re still in bed.

At the Right Time

When animals get hurt, they hide. Maybe because they don’t know what to do about the hurt.

The Climb

The Christian movement is PROGRESSIVE! It is a Faith that is always moving forward and upward. There is no rear-view mirror, rather a steady looking forward to the things that God has for those who love Him.

Grace at the Throne of Grace

Carien (not her real name) wrote to me: I used to say, life happens. We say we have to meet up with someone.

When Dark Clouds Cover You

I chatted to a family member early this morning. I knew she would be awake, because she’s getting regular blood transfusions to treat an aggressive leukaemia.

Jesus Knows

My daughter’s boyfriend completed his engineering degree and got a job with a company that manufactures fire trucks. One day the owner invited me on a tour of the factory.

Understanding Patience

Instead of looking at Patience as a quick response to the difficult challenges in life, let us look at Patience as the doorway to Kingdom living. When we fail to allow Patience to have full reign in our lives, we will never learn to achieve victory over life’s problems.

What’s in a Name As Saif and Hindu Wife Kareena Name Son Taimur

Tamerlane was the subject of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “Timurlane”. He is also the name given to their son by the Muslim star Saif Ali Khan and his Hindu wife Kareena Kapoor. One may ask, what’s in a name?

Out of Context?

How do people come to misinterpreting so many verses? Is it because of traditional teachings that were founded on emotional responses instead of factual truth?

Monuments Unto Themselves

Men and women strive for many things, but the root of them is desire. What puts desire in a person? Some say we are born with desire. Others claim that where we fit in society and adolescent experiences shapes desire in us. I believe that our inner voice (conscience, morality, the Holy Spirit) counsels us. Do you perceive, listen to, and follow your inherent guidance?

What Causes Spiritual Depression?

One of the problems that Believers have in pursuing consistent spiritual growth is that they are read an unauthorized version of the Bible. The SIV (Self Interpretive Version) placates the carnal nature of the reader.

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