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Is God a Myth?

Is God tangible? Can you touch him? Can you show God to me?

Five Intellectual Benefits of Islam

Learn how Islam inspires intellectual achievement in its followers. Despite popular misconceptions, there are many sources that demonstrate Islam inspires intellectual achievement in its followers, and commands equal educational rights for women. There have also been many great historical Muslims who continue to influence our lives today.

A Symbol That Has Lost Its Meaning

It’s interesting to note that the last gospel to be written, the fourth gospel which we call John’s Gospel, has by far the longest account in all four gospels of the Last Supper Jesus ate with his followers. Yet the story makes no mention of Jesus making special significance of bread and wine. In fact there is no mention whatever of what we variously speak of as the Mass, Eucharist, Communion, or the Lord’s Supper.

How to Determine Your Spiritual Gifts

Every believer has at least one spiritual gift according to I Corinthians 12:7, “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” God has given every one of us at least one spiritual gift to edify the Body of Christ. Although we all have a spiritual gift, we often do not know exactly what that gift is or how it should be used.

Christian Jobs – How to Survive the Tough Times Ahead From an Online Perspective

The economic situation of the country affects everyone, Christian or non Christian alike. Everyone is on the same boat that is trying to weather out the harsh economic reality, which is gripping the world today. People should look at this situation as an opportunity for learning and more growth, instead of succumbing to ungodliness and despair.

To Hear God’s Voice, Turn Down The World’s Volume!

We live in a world that is filled with noise. There are noises that are designed to sell, plead, seduce, and deceive. In the midst of this cacophony of sound, it is easy to miss the one voice that matters most. If ever there was a time to develop our sensitivity to hearing that voice, it is now! Because there is much noise, so much that causes confusion, such that our operating by the Word of God and under the direction of the Holy Spirit mean the very difference between failure and success, and life and death.

Quran Mentions People of the Book

The Holy Quran mentions a lot of narratives about old civilizations and people that were subject to the messengers of Allah Almighty. These messengers wanted these people to leave the evil ways of living and pay heed to the word of Allah Almighty, and who ever did not listen, faced the wrath of the Almighty.

Give Charity Apart From Zakat

Islam teaches us the lesson of helping the poor and the needy in the time of need when they are most deprived of things that are otherwise the necessities of life. In the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty has mentioned at different places the significance of Zakat, but at the same time, the word charity has also been used as an important task that we should perform every now and then.

Shabbat Candle Holders – A Perfect Gifting Piece

Like all other Shabbat items, Shabbat candle holders share sacred place in the weekly holy ritual of the Shabbat. The lightning of candles before its commencement is believed to be a religious duty. Fill your home with the appeasing sense of the glorious candles placed on attractive candle holders.

Thinking of An Unplanned Career Change? How About Trying God’s Way?

Are you thinking about your next career move? Considering retiring? The ideal early retirement and perfect post retirement activities? Ten years ago, I answered yes to each question. Then I heard this “nagging inner voice” telling me to let it go, and listen to God’s goal. Uncomfortable, distraught, fearful, I knew I needed to heed that voice and follow God’s lead.

Silver Kiddush Cup – Every Home Should Have It

Kiddush Cup, the most entailed item in the Jewish tradition, is a cherished heirloom of the Jews passed on through generations. It is a great symbol which reflects your belief and faith in your tradition. Get modish and classy Kiddush cup for your home too.

End Time Message

This article contains an end time message that is very important for all those who want to know the truth about the end times, who the remnant church is and what we need to do as believers in Christ Jesus. Take a look at this eye opening article.

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