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Will 2012 Happen? Will the Apocalypse Will Be Upon Us in the Year 2012?

The year 2012 is rapidly approaching us and many of us are clueless to this event as we ask questions such as: Will 2012 happen? There are many predictions and prophecies that foretell apocalyptic type events taking place in the year 2012. All of these prophecies support the common conclusion that the world will come to an end in the year 2012 due to various factors.

Coaching For Pastors – Seeing the Fruit of Your Labor

When it comes to being a pastor of a church, there are any struggles that you face that your congregation and those around you will never know or understand. That is why coaching for pastors is quickly becoming more and more popular among churches of every size and denomination. There is no reason why a pastor should have to feel as though are alone while doing one of the greatest jobs on the planet. Allowing someone to be on your side and help you is not showing that you are weak as a pastor. With a coach you will be able to learn how to be a better mentor, leader and teacher.

Coaching For Pastors – Bring Growth to Your Ministry

Leadership training is becoming more and more popular among churches of every denomination as well as size. This is a reason as to why you may think coaching for pastors is not right for your church. Churches can tend to put a lot of money into training their leadership and really getting nowhere when the training ends. With all of the conferences, seminary courses, workshops and seminars that are attended, you would think that every church in America would be booming.

Coaching For Pastors – Helping Your Church Grow Numerically As Well As Spiritually

You may have heard of coaching for pastors before, but you are probably wondering what exactly this is? Just as a team needs a coach that is well prepared for the game, so does a church. There are times when team coaches need some encouragement and guidance to take the team to victory. It is the same way with pastors. There are times when pastors, the shepherds, the leader of the church needs some coaching in order to get the church to victory and that is growing and reaching people in the local community.

Good Versus Evil

Have you ever wondered what Good Versus Evil meant? Perhaps you have heard of something called a “spiritual battle” and wanted to know more?

The Definition of Synagogue

A synagogue is a Jewish house of worship and study. The word Synagogue is one of a handful of words used to describe the same building. The word Synagogue is Greek and means “a place of assembly”. In Hebrew, the name used is Bet Knesset which literally means “House of Assembly”.

Kabbalah FAQs

Kabbalah is a Hebrew word meaning receiving or accepting. It is the term used to refer to a school of thought in Judaism that is concerned with mystics. Kabbalah is external to traditional Jewish Scriptures. Kabbalah deals with ontological questions such as the purpose of existence and the nature of existence, the universe and human beings. Through understanding of these concepts it is believed that spiritual awareness can be deepened.

Jesus Is the Son of God! The Buddha Was, Ho Hum, Merely a Man

There have been occasions when I have been told that “Jesus is the Son of God and the Buddha was just a man, therefore, the Buddha is a false prophet.” Okay, I respect everybody’s freedom to voice their opinion. I also know how views and opinions are formed, and why they become so entrenched. We are, after all, merely a product of our experiences, environment, heritage, culture, intelligence, upbringing, education… and in Buddhism, our past lives and karma! However, if I remain silent in this matter, my silence might be mistakenly construed as agreement, and that would be disingenuous. So here is my opinion, for what it is worth.

Coaching For Pastors – Do Pastors Really Need A Coach?

At first glance, coaching for pastors may seem backwards. Typically, those in pursuit of a senior pastoral position attend a seminary. They may take a few classes for specific topics or get a graduate degree. Individuals tend to look at pastors as wise and knowledgeable, so stating that every pastor can greatly benefit from having a personal coach can be confusing.

Exorcism: Catholic Belief Reveals the Truth

Science and technology have taken marvelous stints in the preceding epoch. Man has initiated using classy electronic doodads to formulate his life enhanced and straightforward. Accepted wisdom of contemporary man has also been altered with the encroachment in science as well as many sacraments of religion as well as cultures have been left at the back by him. Although we allege that we have been converted into up to date and our set-up about religion and beliefs has undergone radical alteration but still there are some matters that are in practice and about them we have no response. Science falls short to give any verification about their subsistence. One such conviction is possession and its alleviation by exorcism. We have no corroboration scientifically about whether demons survive and can they be in actuality evicted out. Many legends as well as folklores are admired in dissimilar cultures and religions.

Sun, Moon And Stars

“The sun and moon grew dark, and the stars no longer shine…Then the LORD will pity his people and be indignant for the honour of his land! He will reply, ‘Look! I am sending you grain and wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy your needs. You will no longer be an object of mockery among the surrounding nations.” Joel 2: 10, 18-19.

Jesus Is Human And Divine

Jesus was both human and divine. Why would God come to earth and live as a human? It’s incomprehensible. It’s like a human becoming a slug or a roach. Christ became human for specific reasons…

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