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Mormonism – The Truth Behind the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

Mention the term Mormonism, to a non-Mormon and the immediate reaction in most people is that this belief system is a cult. The same applies to Scientology, and L Ron Hubbard was purported to have said that the only way to become truly rich on this earth was to invent a new religion. He wasn’t the first to think this way, but he may have been the first to have come out and said it!

The Truth Behind Mormonism – Uncover the Mormon Religion

Understanding the Mormon church can be quite a difficult task because what seems to be on the surface is really not what it is when one starts to study it further. Many individuals will say that they are not aware of the Mormon church but if you have any knowledge of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints then yes you do know of the Mormons.

What You Must Know About Mormon Missionaries – The Controversy and Truth

There is no doubt that it is easy for others to be critical of another’s religion. There has been a great controversy over the Mormon religion which is officially known as the Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. For a young person that is part of the Mormon missionary being in school and being of this it can be quite trying.

All You Wanted to Know About the Mormons But Were Afraid to Ask – Mormon Christians

The question is Mormonism Christian the answer you will be given will be depend on who it is given by. Whether it be one of the Mormon faith or one of the Christian faith. There are many different ways to which the question can be phrased and that is also what the answer will depend on.

Can a Christian Become a Mormon? Do They Both Worship Jesus Christ?

It can become quite complex when trying to sort out just what do the Mormons believe. On the surface it seems like they are in tune with what Christianity teaches. They believe that Jesus is the Redeemer and the son of God and that his atonement was for all mankind.

Revealed – Secret Mormon Rituals – Latter Day Saints Wedding Rituals

Almost every religion that has the exchanging of rings and a wedding ceremony has some official way that they follow. This is not the case with the Mormon weddings. In fact there is no exchange of rings at all. There is however many of the Mormon couples that want to and will do so in a ring exchange after the ceremony. Basically it is set up in their own ways for doing this because there is no formal doctrine to be followed to give them any guidance as such in the actual wedding.

Latter Day Saints Warning – Uncover the Real Mormon Beliefs

If you have heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints then you have heard about the Mormons. On the surface the Mormons will tell you that they do believe that Jesus is the savior of the world and they also believe in the Bible.

The Book of Mormons – What Are the Problems and Contradictions? LDS Temple Unveiled

Most likely in the last little while you have had some visitors to your door who are Mormon missionaries. They are very much like the Jehovah Witnesses in going out and spreading the word that they believe in. Most often these will be the young man whose duty it is to go out and recruit new followers.

He Restoreth My Soul

The question was once asked, “Have you ever thought of your life being a garden? What seeds are you planting? What fruit is being brought forth? What fragrances are you leaving behind?”

The Truth Behind Polygamy in the Mormon Church – What You Must Know About the LDS Temple

For any individual that thinks the Mormon religion is small and insignificant they are very surprised to find out that it is fact the sixth largest religion recognized in the majority of the world particularly in the United States. One thing you will most likely find that at some point in time you’re going to run into a Mormon missionary who is going to talk about their beliefs as they are quite zestful in their recruitment.

Is the Mormon Church History Based on Catholic Beliefs? Shocking Revelation on Mormon Religion

There is no indication in history that there was any other type of early church other than the Catholic church itself. One must remember that when dealing with the Mormons that they feel that Mormonism goes all the way back into the historical part of the New Testament. If you were to ask them to show support that the Church of Mormon existed back then it is most difficult for them to come up with any evidence other than what they believe in the book of Mormons.

The Book of Mormon Unveiled – Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

For those who don’t know yet, the Book of Mormon was first published in 1830 by a certain Joseph Smith Jr., who claimed to have found gold plates that he discovered buried (in 1823) near his home at Manchester NY. Joseph also stated that a divine being literally guided him to the plates. The plates were encrypted in something similar to ancient Egyptian, which took Joseph the good part of seven years to decipher.

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