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Family and Church Growth – No Excuse For the Church to Neglect Civil Rulers

Let us not fall back on the importance of church growth or family solidarity as an excuse for neglecting the civil magistrate. In spite of the fact that individuals and families were in disarray, God still addressed disobedience and expected compliance to His law at every level: individual, family, church growth, and nation. God did not excuse or delay obedience to His law at the level of civil government.

Is Conscience Formation in Christian Youth Ministry Necessary?

Formation of conscience may be the most pressing need in modern youth ministry. Today’s Christian youths are exposed to many views about early sexual activity, abortion, same-sex marriage, and illegally downloading copyrighted materials. Unfortunately, many Christian youth ministers teach adolescents that their feelings are the proper moral standard. God’s standard is the Ten Commandments which keep feelings from leading to immoral acts.

Lord! I Hurt!

The hurt is so deep you are trapped and can’t even look up. You feel separated from any source of comfort because all you know is anger and the feeling of, “Why me!” It is that feeling of how can you go on with your life with this grief hanging over you.

The Kingdom of Heaven – God’s Kingdom

The Kingdom of Heaven awaits all those who serve and obey God, and give their hearts to Jesus. But is that what we Christians are really living for? Are we giving our full attention and devotion to the kingdom of God? This article discusses what it means to live for His kingdom.

What Are Tirthankaras?

Tirthankaras are Jain religion noble personalities. They are great preachers of their religious order. Tirthankaras, in their previous lives continuously think and muse all the time for the welfare of all.

The Way to God

This article shows the deeper, truer way to God as found in his new covenant instructions. It leads us away from modern literalism into true spirituality. It leads us into God’s special hidden place that is so magnificent as to be indescribable. In it the Christian finds his true home forever.

Inspirational Bible Verses – How Not to Come Up Empty

A crisis may have prompted you to pick up a bible, hoping to find quick words of comfort or guidance for the moment. If you have never spent time before reading through God’s word, chances are that you came up empty. The Bible is quite rich however with inspirational Bible verses to guide us through every circumstance we face.

The Way of Will and the Law of Thelema – Finding Happiness in Who You Are

This is the one true formula for individual human happiness no two ways about it. St. Augustine created this Philosophy from the many understandings of all philosophies throughout time. While it is nothing new the way it is presented and the simplicity of form is just plain brilliant.

God Likes the Crazy People

The Lord has used your disorder, your madness, to prepare you. Now, go in peace and get crazy for God. You were made for it!

What Does God Require of Me?

God is our heavenly Father, and as our Father it is easy for us to become dependent on Him when we are in need. In our dependency on God we expect Him to do what we ask.

Jesus Christ – The Son of David

The Line of David In the first chapter of Matthew, the first book of the New Testament, the very first line is: Matthew 1:1 The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham: From there it goes down the line of father and son, Abraham begat Isaac, Isaac begat Jacob, and so on.Why start the New Testament with this? After all, the Old Testament started with the creation of the universe!

Meeting God in the Cubicle

No corner of creation is exempt from God’s presence, and this includes the soft walls of the office cubicle. With some intention and innovation, a cubicle can become a location for Bible study and prayer, and without impacting the work tasks for the day.

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