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What Is Christianity?

Christianity is a faith based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and his followers. It is one of the world’s most practiced religions. It is rooted in the Bible and includes several key beliefs such as the existence of God, that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine, and that he died for humanity’s sins. It also teaches that humans are born with “original sin” which is the tendency to go against God’s laws. This can result in minor (venial) or major (mortal) repercussions. Christians believe that God’s grace is powerful enough to heal anyone who believes in Him and asks for healing. They also believe that it is important for Christians to practice rituals such as fasting, marriage, and the Eucharist which is a celebration of bread and wine symbolizing Jesus’ body and blood.

Deliverance, Casting Out Demons

The Christian church has a long history of helping people get free from the grip of demonic spirits. This is done by laying hands on someone and praying for them to be delivered. It is not a practice that is well understood by many people outside of the Church. There are many different methods of doing this but the most important thing is to trust that God is doing it.

When someone is healed by the laying on of hands it is often believed that a miracle has occurred. This is because Jesus and his early disciples were able to heal the sick with this method. This is the reason that church leaders still lay hands on people today during prayer times for healing, to bless before ministry, to encourage or formally ordain people and to give gifts of leadership.

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