What Is Wudang Taoism?

Wudang Taoism is one of the important schools of Chinese Taoism with the same origin of Chinese Taoism in its theology and doctrine. The characteristics of Wudang Taoism are as follows: The major deity of its worship is God of Zhenwu; it puts emphasis on exercises of active substance in vivo; it is more skillful in averting disasters with talismanic figures and praying for rain; it lays stress on loyalty and filial piety; and it holds drawing on the enlightenment from Confucianism and Buddhism. During the period from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) to the last years…

Is the Bible True?

Those who wrote the Bible claim to have been inspired, supernaturally, by God. But were they? The first question in everybody’s mind about the Bible is, is it true; and the second question is, can it be proven?

God Where Are You in This Universe?

The God exists in inter-particle space in the atom; the God lives in you and me; the God heads high in the mountains and flows mightily in the rivers and the ocean. The God is in inter-planetary space, inter-stellar space and inter-galactic space. The God is in the universe anywhere and everywhere. The God is all powerful and all pervasive. The God only shows up when the matter of creation of the God has come to standstill; when the toy of the God has stopped dancing and run out of energy. Then the God is there to savior all to hold that immensely large black ball of matter in the infinite space while the black ball of universe is getting hotter and hotter; the God rekindles the fire to give a new life to all.

Rome and Fascist Italy (Scarlet Threads – Part Fifty-Two)

Rome allied with a Dictator? Are you kidding me? Not at all.

The Mandala Set

A mandala set (or Dultson Kyilkhor in Tibetan) is a tool used by Buddhists, Hindus, and Jainists in their offering ceremonies. The mandala set represents the mind and body of the Buddha, and can grant practitioners great power. The Sanskrit word mandala means “circle”.

Rome and Catholicism (Scarlet Threads – Part Fifty)

Is there an American Pope in your future? Or one out of Islam? Why do I ask?

What About the Virgin Mary? (Scarlet Threads – Part Forty-Eight)

Does Mary appear to people? I mean, the Mary of the Gospels? Is she really omnipresent and omniscient like God? Is she Divine? As the end approaches, it is necessary that we answer these questions.

Mormon Missionary Christmas Wish List

Christmas is a special time for people that belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or as most people know them, The Mormons. It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate the birth of Christ and to spend time with family and loved ones. Mormon missionaries are far from home during the holidays and one of the best ways to help them to not feel homesick during the holidays is to send them a Christmas package and let them know you’re thinking of them. If you’re not sure what to send, here are some ideas for what your missionary would have on his wish list.

A Catholic President for America? (Scarlet Threads – Part Fifty-One)

The world is changing. Al Smith was turned away from the Presidency. John Kennedy just barely made it. Does this sort of thing even matter any longer?

Of War and Peace (Scarlet Threads – Part Thirty-Eight)

From the blood of the Jesuits to the demand for peace in Rhode Island, a fascinating story emerges from the desire of men to know God and respond to His call. Where would you have been along this spectrum?

The Death of His Saints (Scarlet Threads – Part Thirty-Five)

People dying all around her and because of her, but Rome doesn’t get it. It will be hundreds of years before a reigning pope will regret these days. This, after many hundreds of Christian denominations are forced into existence.

Luther Takes His Stand (Scarlet Threads – Part Thirty-Three)

He wasn’t the first or the last voice to speak out against the unspeakable. But he seems to be the symbolic voice of that day of awakening. Martin Luther, a man among men.

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