The DEMON Said It’s Assignment To Her Was DEPRIVATION!

A Short History Of Islam

The great prophet of Islam was born in Arabia. So, to understand the history of Islam, one has to be acquainted with the nature of the land of that country and its people. Arabia is a vast peninsula in the southwest of Asia. It has waters on the three sides-the Persian Gulf in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south and the Red Sea in the west. In its north, lies the Syrian Desert. In it physical features, Arabia is a mountainous desert. The Arabs call their country as ‘Jaziratul Arab’ or Desert Island.

The Buried Treasure Was Hidden and Preserved for God’s People

The darkness of noonday is no longer a mystery as visions showed me its true meaning. Following my reincarnation and the commissions to tear down the wall and to take God off the cross many such revelations came to me as the Spirit uses me to reclaim its own.

Constantine Established Christianity While His Cohort Jerome Compiled the New Testament

The roots of all religions are in Babylon and sun worship. Given time and distance they deviated enough to fool their followers but when examined there are enough similarities between them to declare their origin from the same parent.

Weeds or Flowers?

Some weeds are flowers to some people and some flowers are weeds to others! It takes knowledge and a discerning eye to know the difference.

It’s Time to POPP

Women learn how to stand on the word of God and possess your inheritance. Make your case before the Lord as the five daughters of Zelophehad did. Perhaps, you too will be a pioneer for the Kingdom of God by being a righteously violent woman or man as the scripture encourages in MATTHEW 11:12. The violent take it by force.

The Seat of Power

God is not trying to grow superstars or celebrities. He is seeking men and women who are broken – those who seek to glorify his son in all that they do, for they understand that the way up is down. 1 Peter 5:5… and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.

Never Again! (2)

Yes, you will recover all you lost and you will never be ashamed again! Praise God! But before we go on, can we just briefly look at what exactly brought the terrible situation on the children of Israel. This is very important if we actually want to avoid the same unpleasant experience. They were to go through that humanizing experience because of their disobedience to divine instructions. They were forsaking the laws of their God. When you disobey God or abandon His ways, you pay heavily for it. You invite punishment, problems, famine, battles (both seen and unseen), sicknesses, shame, defeats, etc. True!

Never Again! (3)

I really didn’t know what to say, but I just managed to tell her that God loves her more than she can ever know. Thank God that she regained her faith, sent an apology and reaffirm her trust and faith in God. Yes, sometimes it could be that hard and challenging. Maybe, you are going through such right now, listen, that affliction is being lifted off you and never again shall you be ashamed! Again, look at those agents of persecution and their effects: Cutting locusts (Palmerworms), Swarming locusts (locusts), Hopping, crawling locusts (cankerworms), Stripping locusts, consuming (caterpillars). Each of these has its own characteristics and operations. They were used to represent the type and extent of damages that have been done.

Christ In You Or You In Christ?

The traditional salvation experience is just as valid as the Ephesians’ approach. The only real difference is the road one travels after the rebirth.

Mormon Theology Truly Defines Mormon Doctrine: A Treatise on Christian Heresy

Before understanding the specifics of a particular religion, such as its scripture and commandments, you have to understand it’s theology, or the type of deity that is actually worshipped. If a religion holds itself out as Christian in nature, the Savior Jesus Christ, his Holy Father, and the Holy Spirit, should be described by representatives of the religion as the one God clearly delineated in the scriptures of the Holy Bible. If the religion worships a god, or gods, that is clearly not the Father, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, as set-forth in the Bible, you don’t have to look any further to see that the scriptures, doctrines, and commandments of that religion are false. Theology always determines the correctness of a church’s doctrine. This principle applies, in every way, to an examination of Mormonism. As I was an exponent of Mormonism for 30 years of my life, please read this treatise before accepting Mormonism as Christian truth.

The Power Behind Heaven and Hell

The success of terrorism is in the threats and death that follows them. The ultimate weapons are heaven and hell where the former gets people in and the latter is the lock on the door to keep them and make them do what leaders demand.

A Voice of Wailing Is Heard in Mount Zion

Mount Zion is mistaken for a physical mountain whereas the reality is that it is a new teaching directed by the Spirit for the world. It was promised for the end of days when all people will hear about the controversy God has with the churches.

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