The DEMON thought it would get her and her FAMILY! It was WRONG!!!

The Owner’s Manual

I have found that many Christians know Biblical concepts, but fail to understand how to apply the Biblical directions in their life. It is more like trying to be Biblical without fully understanding what the Bible actually says.

The Jesus Way

How did Jesus approach the people that He would minister to? How did He differ from the religious hierarchy? What action did He require from the people? What are the Believers obligation to fulfill the Gospel message?

God’s Essence And Qualities, Or Attributes

There are many different theologies, each with its own conception of God. At the heart of these discussions is of course “Who is God?” The idea that He is like us, is called anthropomorphism. Christians say that God is love. Deists think, to put it plainly, that He is the ultimate intellect. And so on, and so forth.

The Rational, or Irrational, Mormon: A Determination for Inquiring Christians

Are true-believing Mormons normal rational people? Is Mitt Romney, a true-believing Mormon high priest and a former bishop and stake president, a rational person? Rationality is defined as the ability of a human being to determine the difference between fantasy and reality, delusion and realness, Do Mormons demonstrate that they know and understand the difference between truth, and reality, and delusion? Read on for a comprehensive analysis of the psycho-social parameters of Mormonism.

How To Prove God

Can God be proven to exist? Many have tried, like Thomas Aquinas. However if God could be proven, then He would be like us, or even like a laboratory experiment. There are indications, but in the end it is a matter of faith.

Is The Humanist Revolution A Winner?

The humanist revolution in the West appears pretty far advanced. Most, if not all the western nations have accepted the humanist liberalisation of their societies. At its centre this revolution aims to replace all the older Judeo-Christian values of moral right and wrong, of God and creationism, of traditional marriage between one man and one woman, gender distinctions and children’s education. All this and more is being replaced, or has been so, by the humanist revolution. The big question is – is it a passing phase, or a genuine human development that we must all welcome?

Theology Or Philosophy, Who Is Right?

Theology proper may be said to be based on revelation, whereas philosophy may be said to be based on creation, or what we see ourselves. Then there is naturalism, a third way, a philosophy that seeks a consensus between revelation and creation, between theology and philosophy.

Did Jesus Witness Hell at Gethsemane?

After Jesus and His disciples spent the early evening celebrating Passover inside a room in Jerusalem, He needed to be alone to pray to God. Three of His disciples accompanied Jesus to the garden of Gethsemane before He was taken by Judas and Roman soldiers to the Pharisees. According to the 26th Book of Mathew verse 37, Jesus “began to be sorrowful and very heavy.

Definitive Proof That Tithing Can Change Your Life

Is tithing to the church something that is hard to do? Find out why fear shouldn’t get in the way that it’s not affordable ever again!

The Lukewarm and Revival

There is a craving within churches for a period of renewal. I have heard many pastors cry out from the pulpit that there needs to be a spiritual revival in the Body of Christ. The question is how did the church get into spiritual shallowness in the first place! Could it be weak preaching and optional commitment?

The Teaching Ministry

Teaching is to instruct and inform. It is an extended expression of thoughts on a subject. It is very different from preaching, which is to proclaim and herald Divine Truth. (Jesus both taught and preached, Matthew 11:1) Sunday service is not a time for instruction, but a time to hear what God wants to say on a specific day and time.

The Hearing Problem

There is a hearing deficiency sweeping across our country. The landing strip of the ear has been limited by our mindsets. The airwaves are cluttered with words that never make it to the control center of our minds.

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