An It Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt

Wicca / Witchcraft is commonly seen as the practice of calling demons and using them for own will. But they are not. Though they don’t have any book as their Bible, they too have a set of morale, and they abide by that. This article explains one of the most famous lines of the Wiccan Rede, which is the core of the Wiccan Community, and its resemblance with the Golden Rules of various renowned religions of the world.

The Importance of a Forever Focus – Part 2

Part 1 described the benefits of a forever focus. Part 2 shows how Jesus set the perfect example for this mindset.

The Truth Intercepted by Rome, Islam, Mormonism

The foundation was laid by the apostles of the first century. But for many centuries thereafter, men tried to dismantle that foundation with foundations of their own.

When, Oh When Will He Come Home!

The night was terrifying. Jimmy had never before seen such a storm. Meter thick bolts of lightning, illuminating the sky,petrified his heart. Thunderclaps deafened his eyes. Torrential rain poured in incessant buckets completely flooding the abandoned tin shed in which Jimmy had hidden. At that moment, right before Jimmy’s eyes, the icy, hurricane like winds began to uproot entire Pine trees. Hisshed was only partially shielded by two Pine trees. Soaked from head to toe, frozen to the bone, hungry, and thirsty, Jimmy, frightened beyond endurance, and expecting to die at any moment, shut tight his eyes, and rammed his palms into his ears. In his despair, he began to think of his father.

The Importance of a Forever Focus – Part 1

It is easy to lose focus on what is most important. Competing demands on your time can sidetrack you. The solution is to develop a forever focus.

Resolutions You Have Kept

The beginning of a new year is often a time for making resolutions. We seldom realize how many resolutions we have already kept.

The Christian and Gun Control

It is not an issue of the right to bear arms, but it a moral and ethical issue as to the type of guns that one should possess. To have an arsenal of weaponry that could wipe out a single classroom of children in one minute cannot be justified.

Apostles Today?

The message of Jesus was handed to the Twelve, and thence to us? Do we need foundational apostles today, or is the foundation already laid?

Reasons You Don’t Need to Be Preparing For the End of the World

Depending on whether you are a Christian or not, your efforts to prepare for the end of the world could be the most wasted time you’ll ever spend on earth. What will you do? If such were to occur there is nothing you could say or do, no place you could go and nothing you could give to avoid it. It’s a great intellectual preoccupation for some, but the practical value isn’t there.

Such Beautifully Told Lies

Even the very best the world has had to offer is tinged with Satan’s corruption. Beware! The Sound of Music was everyone’s favorite. I loved it too, and still do, but the story was not without its subtle evil influences.

Defending Hope’s Foundation

What we live for is hope, but not just any hope; we live for HOPE’S FOUNDATION: the person of Jesus of Nazareth – the Christ. Everything of hope can be founded upon the Messiah. And these statements are made true whenever any nonbeliever encounters a spiritually gentle and reverent believer who trusts God enough to reflect Jesus’ hope that resides within them through the Holy Spirit.

The Abundance of Hope and Where It Can Be Found

In belonging is Hope. Within hope is the genesis of life, of love, of faith, and of every good thing, for God is Hope.

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