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Youth Ministry – Working With Different Personalities

In youth ministry you will come across all types of personalities. Every once in a while you have a student who you have trouble with. Some of the students will be extremely introverted and rarely if ever open up to the group.

On Catholicism

My reflections on the Catholic Church, where I’ve been a member for nearly 5 decades now. It’s been borne about by a recent “baptism in the Spirit” experience that prodded me to share my story to everyone who’s got the time to read this type of writing.

Youth Ministry – Effective Ways To Deal With Anger

A lot of your students probably deal with anger in their lives. The anger can come from many different places, and it can be expressed in a lot of different ways. Here are a few ways you should encourage your students to control and get rid of their anger.

Youth Ministry – Dealing With Procrastination

When coming up with material for your youth ministry, a lot of youth leaders will be faced with the obstacle known to all of us as procrastination. Simply not completing your tasks that you have in front of you is what holds youth leaders back, and makes the difference between a ho-hum youth ministry and a thriving successful youth ministry.

Exclusive Psalmody Versus Uninspired Hymns: Biblical Orthodoxy Contra Heretical Influences

Even though it is unlikely that uninspired songs, outside of those God provided for his people (and possibly still inspired outside of the Psalms), were ever sung in public ecclesiastical services; that they may have very sporadically appeared at times of declension and apostasy is no argument for their lawful use — much less an argument for writing and singing *uninspired* songs today. This is not to mention that most (or possibly even all) of the modern uninspired hymns are unbalanced and full (to a greater or lesser degree) of heretical statements.

Surveying The Wondrous Cross – Emerging From the Dark Cavern

What an astonishing sight! But make no mistake; crucifixion was violent, ugly and brutal, reserved for the worst. So, how come such a barbaric act is at the heart of Christianity? Is it not time that Christianity became of age and left such scandalous atrocities to the history books? Many would like to do that, but then again for very many of us, it is impossible – you might as well try and pull the Sun out of the sky with your own two hands! The central, glorious wonder of Jesus’ death has do with who he is and with what his death accomplished – so we have vast truths compressed into a few words, such as, ‘Christ died for the ungodly’ (Romans 5:6).

Sacred Kabbalah Jewelry for Good Luck and Prosperity

Kabbalah, generally regarded as a discipline of Judaism, has great spiritual influence. The Kabbalah jewelry signifies the sacredness of this discipline and protects you and your family from the wrath of the evil eye. They are also worn to bring good luck and prosperity in life.

Study Proves Voodoo Spells Work

Carefully controlled, double-blind Japanese study seems to prove the effectiveness of voodoo spells. Results show increase in chance-based experiment far greater than statistics would normally allow.

Stylish and Elegant Judaica Gifts

Gifts signify the love in your heart for your nearest and dearest. The Jewish calendar offers many occasions to express your feelings, and the giving of beautiful Judaica gifts – Jewish ceremonial art and artifacts – is the ideal expression to mark those special occasions.

Does Religion Cause War?

Religion causes war. This is a matter of historical fact. Since time immemorial, men have fought each other in wars caused by religion. There are at least three instances by which religion causes war.

Catholics and Their Statues

Statues are made stone, bronze and metal. They come in all sizes and affordable prices. You can choose from religious ones to decorative ones and angelic ones. Most Italian statues are used to decorate gardens and parks. Some are used to enhance the beauty of their home or are gifted to others. Many popular statues have some kind of a story to tell and symbolize supernatural miracles by God.

Five Benefits of Islam’s Alcohol Prohibition

It is commonly known that Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol. This article will outlines some positive results that a reduction in alcohol consumption could deliver.

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