The Difference Between Mental Illness and Demonization

The Millennium in Revelation 20

Much politicizing over the superior race of the world attempts to find support in the doctrines of the Bible related to the kingdom of God. The millennium (1000) years reign of Christ is no exception. Why, because those who share that reign have power and rule over the nations.

Every Tree That Does Not Bear Good Fruit is Thrown Into the Fire – Matthew 7-19

Many people in the church would deny this teaching is possible of Jesus. The might say the fire Jesus is talking about is the refiners fire. But this is not so. The trees that do no bear fruit are cast into the fires of hell.

Is the Bible, the Written Word of God? Christian Thinking Tips

Here’s a question that Christians have been asking for centuries,” is the Bible the written Word of God?” Well, first, were going to need to understand a few things about the Bible. The Bible was written by at least 30 men but most suggest that it was written by 40 men. I can only report these facts, I have no way to prove them. With that said, I have no way to prove that the Bible is the written word of God. I can only speculate and that’s what everyone else does.

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits – Matthew 7 Vs 16-18

You cannot be a person that serves the Lord with a passion and preach a doctrine that goes against the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Having money as an Idol, pride and a covetous lifestyle is not the fruit of a person who is walking with God.

Beware of False Prophets – Matthew 7:15

In this life and in the church there are false prophets. They are not just the leaders of the cults, but they are in mainstream Christianity. Anyone that preaches a Gospel that denies total surrender to Jesus and His will on earth is in question.

Narrow Is the Gate and Difficult is the Path That Leads to Life – Matthew 7:14

Jesus says here that the proper Christian life has a narrow gate and the path that we travel on is very difficult. If you are finding the Christian life plain sailing then I might have to doubt that you are really doing anything for God.

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You – Matthew 7:12

It is a really simple rule that Jesus has given us here. He says that within it contains all the Law and the prophets commands. What a genius Jesus was.

Supernatural Messiah Or Human Spiritual Master?

The being known as “Jesus” has many different names in various cultures. Could this be that there was not just one messiah, or avatar? Spiritual masters have the ability to perform great works in the physical world, due to their advanced mind/body/spirit state.

Miraculous Bible Code Problems – Is More Evidence Needed?

If you haven’t heard about Bible codes, you’re going to enjoy this article and if you have heard about Bible codes you’re going to really enjoy this article. Bible codes are a collection of words or phrases that can be found using computers. These computers can be programmed to locate these phrases by using all sorts of mathematical possibilities. For example: They can search every other word, every 10th word and alternate, looking for every third word and skipping every other third word, looking for miraculous phrases that can be used to support their theory.

Jesus Came to Call Us to Love and Pray

Have you ever wondered if there could be something “MORE” in that call? I entered into a personal relationship with God in 1978 and in 1983-1984, it had been revealed to me that, “YES” there is “MORE.”

The Hope of the Creation

Having understood the pains and groaning of the creation, it is only expected that, when there is a problem, hidden in that problem is a solution. So, we shall be discussing the hope of the creation and in fact our texts are explanatory enough. The major hope is the manifestation/revelation of the sons of god.

Are You Really Kicking the Devil Out of Your Life?

Are you suffering from problems that are directly related to evil? Are you an alcoholic, maybe a drug abuser, do you lie, steal and cheat? Are you unfaithful to your spouse and worship false idols? You could be an evil sinner and be strongly influenced by the devil.

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