The ENTIRE book of REVELATION explained in 60 minutes

What Are Curses and How Do You Overcome Them?

What are curses, and how do you overcome them? Curses come in various forms. They are not all of the death threat variety. Most of them are very subtle, negative words spoken over you by well meaning people in your life.

2010 – A Year of Harvest (2)

When God decides to give a man a bountiful harvest, no environmental or climatic condition can change it. This year, God will defy the global economic crisis and all the unfavorable conditions around you to give you a bountiful harvest. Look at what happened to Isaac in Philistine.

Church Leaders – Ten Tips For Your Spiritual Life

Church leaders can find themselves worn out and burned out. These tips show ten ways you can support yourself spiritually so you can keep going in ministry.

Forgiveness – Five Ways it Can Help Your Relationships

Forgiveness is no small thing. In fact, the opposite of forgiveness, harbored bitterness, can be an extremely damaging thing.

The Need For Church Unity

One of the greatest detriments to Church strength and growth is apostasy, falling away from the Truth. One of the signs that apostasy is affecting the Christian Church is the bickering and disunity among Christians. Every wise leader strives to achieve and keep unity because he knows unity is essential for success.

Feeling Blind?

The Bible talks a lot about blindness, and I think about it even as being spiritually blind. But Jesus, when he first came on to the scene, when he first began his ministry in Luke 4:17-21 this is what it says: He was in the synagogue and this is what Luke 4:17-21 says: The scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him (to Jesus).

Learn the Bible Using the Free Tools Available

There is so much information out there today on the internet and beyond that a Christian can get lost in what to do or what to even look for. The bombardment can lead to confusion. My goal is to provide focus and teach you what really matters.

How God Uses Uniqueness As a Strategy

You are unique for a reason. Your difference is what makes you important, needed, appreciated, and wanted. Your difference is were your pleasure in life is hidden. Your uniqueness is strategic.

Christian Church Hymnal

The man who owns a tattoo shop located in the center of the city contacted me. More about him in an instant. After reading his response, I could not get the item tattoos and body piercings of my head. I remembered, the British minister – a man in his late 50’s at the time – indicating that the Lord instructed him to pierce his ear in a fashion bond servant referred to the Apostle Paul.

Reformed Theology – Based on God’s Word – Sola Scriptura

We have spoken of God’s revelation of Himself. That revelation is found almost exclusively in the Bible. Some things may be known about God through observing His creation.

Don’t Limit God With Your Solutions

When some people pray to God, they not only present their request to Him, but they also instruct Him on how He is supposed to take care of it. Doesn’t that sound a little presumptuous and arrogant? God has solutions that you have never even dreamed of. He is, after all, God Almighty.

Salvation Has Come to This Home

When you live in a household of people there are many opportunities to express your “want to” in light of what you want individually and the sparks can fly as things get worked out. We have a way about working things out with one another rather than allowing things to separate us from one another. This brings with it a renewal of hope for working out our salvation in a practical way.

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