The Fast That God Has Chosen

Questions for Atheists and Theologians

Not long ago, a religious follower had asked me if me about my hopes, fears, faith, and whom I might turn to in the middle of a storm. Indeed, he’d come up with several interesting questions he’d read in magazine, and the final question was even more intriguing; are you constantly waiting for other men’s applause, or are you one to look skyward and thank the lord know you choose him as your personal savior?

Your Life Will Be Better When You Turn It Over to God, He Said

Perhaps, you’ve been accosted by born again religious followers. If you are not one to fall for human superstitions, this might be somewhat bothersome to you. What I am saying is that it gets old. Still, there those who have made it their life’s mission to go out and convert what they’ve determined to be lost souls and bring them to Christ.

Trusting God Completely

When we say we trust God, do we really? What about time of hardship and trial?

Shuffled Priorities

Many of the problems that believers face today are a result of shuffled priorities. How does one deal with self imposed consequences? When Christians face problems or difficulties they have a hard time distinguishing the source of the conflicts.

My Bad Fig Tree

Figs are one of my favorite fruits. I have had good fig trees and one bad fig tree. I much prefer the good ones!

The Chastening Of God Is For Our Benefit

When we think of chastening it might make us frown because we associate it with pain or punishment and none of us wants that but the chastening of God is for our benefit. It is designed to put us in line so that we can receive a blessing from Him because He loves us.

Why Is the World So Frightful? Because We’re the Victims of Star Wars!

How could a loving God create such a disaster-filled world? Because there are wars on between God and Satan (the real Star Wars!) with a third of the angels backing Satan. The earth is a lab to test rival theories on how to run a universe. When God’s methods are finally vindicated Satan and his evil angels will be destroyed.

Our New Spiritual Bodies

What will we be like in the next life? What does the Bible say about our new spiritual bodies? The Bible really does have a lot to say about our new spiritual bodies and that is exactly the subject we are about to explore.

Shutting the Door on Shame

God wants us to live free with our heads held high, having dealt with our shame at the cross. Because shame is connected with sin we need to draw on grace, each day, in learning to live shame-free.

Hate, Anger and Christian Misconceptions

For many of us, anger brings about a longing to be in Gods word to find an answer to our situation. Being angry and knowing God, we know that we are not to extract vengeance from those that harm us for vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord I will repay.

God Is The Fountain Of Love

God is love. How does He demonstrate that? What examples of people who live out God’s love are there in the Bible? And how can you make a difference with the love in your own heart? Come take a peek and see.

Universalism: Not All Are Willing

God is everyone’s Savior. If they’re interested. Most are not, and that is why Universalism is not the truth.

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