The First Demon I Ever Cast Out

Preparing For the Worship Service (Part I)

Understanding the concept and context in which music is being put to, is a crucial starting point in music directing. A worship service must be properly positioned and understood and must not be confused with a public concert. While a public concert focuses on the performer the worship service has God as the focus. When we use the terminology “service” we are basically looking at offering a service and not a special church service as we know it. We are looking at the role music plays during worship in the context of a main church service.

What Can Happen in a Home Church?

A home church also is where a family sleeps at night, get up in the morning, use the bathroom, dress themselves, eat regular meals, talk, sometimes fight, laugh together, cry together and find protection. A home is different from a house. A house is a building.

Home Church is the Base For New Testament Operation of the Holy Spirit

Church starts in the home in the New Testament. In acts we read that right after the first preaching of Peter, they all met in their homes regularly and daily. Please tale note that the home church met every day, not on Sundays only like all the traditional institutional churches do today.

Warning Dreams We Find in the Holy Bible Book of Matthew That Saved Lives and Gave Direction

In the Holy Bible in the book of Matthew chapter two, we find a handful of dreams by a dreamer named Joseph. He was the soon to be husband of Mary, the woman that was to have baby Jesus, the Son of God. Warnings came in dreams also to the wise men in this chapter, and at least five times to Joseph.

Why a Home Church Should Be a Husband and Wife Team

A home church starts with a husband and wife team and grows with the children to a two or three or more entity. Now there is something very unique about this team when compared to two friends starting a home church.

Prayer and the Importance of Unity With Our Nature

Unity in this case is referring to mind and body in harmony through prayer Prayer is a deep spiritual state of the mind that can transform your circumstances through the constant control of thought and action towards the desired. Generally, some people may go through life without truly understanding the importance of this unity and the fact that it is so vital to connect with it in order to discover their true inner mind’s unlimited resources which when held consciously would eventually afford them all they would ever want in life.

Book Analysis – The Uses of Death

Masters of the world say communities have to be voracious readers for civilization to progress. As I came across this book, “Cities of the Dead,” by Joseph Roach (1941), I thought there was something special about the topic, because we are the living and soon, we would all die.

Why Urdu Islamic Books Are Treasure Chests of Sacred Knowledge

Islamic Books can be found in a number of languages including Arabic, Persian, English and Urdu. Urdu books are read by natives of the Indian subcontinent, as Urdu is the official language of Pakistan.

Defending The Holy Spirit Baptism

There has never been a time in human history for the need of righteous power to be more manifest. In a world where fear and terror are now part of our everyday considerations we need to be able to seize the moment and claim the day in the name of the Lord.

Purim – Haman’s Bad Day

Haman’s life (or should I say his death) was loaded with measure for measure punishments. He made an attempt to wipe out the entire Jewish people. Instead, he was killed along with a huge portion of his family. He wished to hang Mordechai on a 50-cubit gallows. Instead, he was hanged on those very gallows. I was contemplating what caused him to endure this trying situation.

Access to the Throne

In the days following Jesus’ death changed the role of the high priest forever, or rather changed who the high priest was. We were given a new high priest (see reference Heb 6:20), one who would take away the sins of the world.

Why a Husband and Wife Team is an Ideal Home Church

An ideal is the best way to copy for a good model. Ideals are always difficult to duplicate. Idols are followed because of ideals. A home church has no such ideals or idols. It is a concept that God has given us in Mt. 18:20.

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