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The Power of Prayer in Christianity

Christianity has become the largest religion on earth, with over 2.2 billion followers. It is the only religion that is completely based on the Bible. Having the Bible as their foundation, Christians read it, live by its teachings and follow the commands of God to be right with him and others (Acts 1:8; Romans 12:2).


One of the most common and powerful things that happen within the Christian community is healing. This is a form of worship that takes place when people with illness or pain go to a church for prayer and have their hands laid upon them. This is called anointing with oil and involves the elders of the church laying their hands on the person and praying for their healing.

Casting out demons

The Bible teaches that demons still affect people today and so Jesus taught his disciples to cast out demons. The reason for this was to help people overcome the demonic influence in their lives.

Heal the sick

As a result of the work of Jesus Christ, who is now the risen Lord, many people have been healed from physical sickness and illness in this life. This is why a lot of churches have a special service for sick people. The service consists of the people who are ill going to the front of the church and having their hands laid on them and the elders of the church praying for their healing.

It is very important for Christians to pray for their sick friends and family members. This is because of the powerful way that God can heal and transform lives through prayer. Having the Bible as our foundation, we can approach God in prayer like we would approach a loving parent.

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