The GREATEST Thing To Do During Prayer!

The First Noel

The wonder that is the Christmas story, like any good story, can be taken from any angle and appreciated for the depth of meaning, and the history implicit, in one event – such is the wonder of God’s creation that semantics are rich and mean so much. We have the shepherds’ story, that of the Magi, and Mary and Joseph, themselves. As would be typical at any birth, there is wonder; how much more so at the birth of the Saviour?

Christianity Or Islam?

The world is rapidly changing. Western culture is post-Christian. Much of the world is in the throes of turmoil – ancient nations are tottering on the brink of collapse – uncertainty and confusion abound. While new ideas still fascinate many people. In the midst of all this, the religion of Islam has become dominant force in many parts of the world and claims to be the final religion of universal peace. How should Christians react to this new presence, often in our midst? Just how do we form a Christian view of Islam? Does the Bible say anything about this subject?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Blessed With Divine Love

The Year ends for most much better than the year before. Progress is natural in all aspects of life, comfort, education, love and relationships as much as in business or politics. Progress however never can be achieved at the expense of nature, social peace or our all health and happiness. Human well being and holistic health always shall be infinitely more important than any technology.

How To Be Saved: NOT!

God’s plan for saving man’s soul, along with His objective toward mankind living forever, is a simple, understandable process. In spite of the simplicity and clarity of God’s salvation process, man has fallen for a perversion of God’s simple process. This perversion “tactic” originated with the enemy of God, and was introduced to Eve in the garden. Today this tactic is unknowingly used by millions of so-called Christians – good people who are ignorant of God’s Word. It is the “not” tactic.

Psalm 108 – Praise and Prayer, Fear and Faith

Faith does not exist without fear, as courage, also, would be redundant in the absence of trepidation… The same pressure and issues as David felt nearly 3,000 years ago are felt by us today – even in our relatively small lives. Our battles come and they swallow us or we prevail; but we live to fight another day. That is enough to restore our faith.

Kosher Mezuzah Q and A

A mezuzah is a small rectangular case containing two chapters from the Torah written in Hebrew by hand on a piece of parchment. Jews are commanded to affix a mezuzah on every doorpost of their home. Although this mitzvah may sound as simple as can be, it should not be taken for granted and the details warrant our attention.

Something The Lord Made

What I am about to discuss is something that change the course of medicine forever. The event took place in the 1940’s over many years many and hours of hard work and great intelligence to make this happen.

Does Genesis 2 Support the Gay Affirming View of Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage?

Traditionally, the Creation narrative in Genesis 2 is thought to unequivocally refute any claim that same-sex marriage could possibly be acceptable to God. People often quip about God making Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Yet, when one approaches this narrative objectively, with no agenda in mind but the truth, does the passage actually oppose or possibly even support same-sex marriage?

Three Reasons Why Jesus Came Into The World

If anyone would ask a Christian why Jesus came into the world his response would be to save us from our sins and he would be absolutely right. However, Jesus did much more for us.

Using the Internet to Connect to Judaism

It is not uncommon for a Jewish parent to want their child to have a deep and meaningful connection to G-d. This connection is achieved through meticulous study and unquestioning devotion. If we want our children to truly be committed to Judaism we need to offer them a proper Judaic education.

When God Became a Man

I really enjoy the Christmas season. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe for one moment that December 25th was Jesus’ actual birth day and yes I agree with you that Christmas is way too commercialised and it’s true that there isn’t a red nosed reindeer to be found anywhere in the Bible– but I still like the idea of remembering the birth of Christ and singing about it.

Some Thoughts On The Carol: Twelve Days Of Christmas

Debates are rife as to the origin of the song and what the 12 gifts represent. The arguments range from secular and unique gift giving to the religious interpretations of the gifts. We do know that the song – or carol – has been with us since 1770.

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