The KEY to raising children who serve the LORD W/ Jarrod Mceachron (EP 154)


Christian Faith and Christian Deliverance

Christian Deliverance

A key element of christianity is the belief that God became incarnate in Jesus Christ, a fully human being who was also a divine avatar. This is known as the doctrine of the Incarnation. Christians believe that by obeying Jesus’ teachings, they can inherit eternal life.

Another belief is that Christians can cast out demons. This is sometimes referred to as deliverance ministry. Some people who perform deliverance claim to be able to heal the sick through anointing with oil and prayer. However, there is incontrovertible proof that this type of miracle healing is not always effective. In fact, many times the person who is sick will not be healed even after being anointed and prayed for.

While Christians recognize that there are various reasons for sickness, most are convinced that a physical illness is a result of the presence of demons. The early church understood that Satan had invaded the world through evil powers and was active in the lives of men and women, causing them to be ill or dead.

Some of the early Christians were able to bind and loose spirits, heal the sick, and raise the dead through the power of their faith. The earliest churches were not confined to one city or region, and they were founded on the basis of a universal gospel, an essential part of which was that all who believed in Christ would be saved (John 3:16). Christianity was developed from Judaism and embodies all the Divine revelation contained in that latter religion, just as a finished painting embodies the rough sketch it came from.

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