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Belief In God, Mild Schizophrenia, Invisible Friends, Religion, and Mind and Body

Is religion and the discipline of self-denial a noble way to live one’s life experience? Well, Vince Lombardi thought so to some extent, others have also explained how checking one’s self-indulgence creating a life with all things in moderation did prove to be fruitful towards desires to succeed, raise a family and not end up drunk in the street. Yes, okay let’s talk about this shall we?

Billions of Followers, Should You Follow Too?

Over the years, I’ve some rather interesting conversations with devout souls during my travels. You never really know when you are going to get yourself involved in one of these dialogues, sometimes at airports, coffee shops or even at parties with mixed company, often considered a no-no in social settings. Some of the reasoning for why people follow their religion or have faith defies logic from my viewpoint.

Arguing With a Bishop On the Potential Existence or Extraterrestrial Life

Why haven’t we found any life on Mars yet? It should be there, as we have been trading spit (material and debris) with Mars for billions of years. What’s there, at least the building blocks of life should also be here, and vice-versa, that’s just logical. Still, where is it? Well, we might be looking in the wrong place, why not under the surface where frozen ice water might be or at the poles where there is both carbon ice (dry ice) and water ice. Let’s talk some more.

Should Religions Demand Respect From High IQ Intellectuals – No, But I Am Okay With Tolerance

We hear from religions around the world that they demand respect from anyone who detracts against their brand, no matter how insane the storyline or way of life it prescribes. But are such demands of high IQ people really fair? How can someone expect me to believe in Santa Clause, or tell me I have to live my life by someone else’s standards, so which party here is really in need of respect? In my view respect must be earned and tolerance should be granted within reason.

Are Religious Debates Worth The Time?

Over the years, I’ve often volunteered in conjunction with religious organizations in helping the community. I applaud local efforts to help people and teach them to fish so to speak. I’ve helped on the food line during Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve delivered food to the poor, and I’ve organized fundraisers for church youth groups, in fact, I’ve even written eBooks on Medical Missions and fixing urban slums working with religious volunteers, scholars, and leadership. Still, I have a challenge debating religious themes, not because I am at a lack of words or objections, because I just find it unenlightening.

Is The Catholic Church Turning a New Leaf in 2013?

The new Catholic Church Pope seems to be able to deal with diverse thought and opinion and hold judgment for God, allowing a live and let live theoretical strategy for the future of the church in the present period. This is honorable, noble, and it makes sense even if his comments about homosexuality, atheism, and other topics are bothersome to the most devout base. Let’s discuss this observation and perception for a few moments if we might.

Get A Right Understanding Of God’s Word

The reason why we do not have what God said we can have is because we do not have the right understanding of it. If our interpretation of it is incorrect then how can He perform it; He will not alter what He has said in order to accommodate us.

Free Bible Study About Ancestral Worship

Ancestral worship is against God’s commandments in the bible. God only wants us to worship him. Jesus Christ is our only mediator and no one else can fill this role.

Free Bible Study About Absalom

Greed for power and vanity caused Absalom to lose his life. Absalom was not a son that brings honor to his parents. Instead, he bring embarrassment on King David by having sex with the 10 concubines left behind in the palace.

Was the Process of Evolution Used by God in His Design of Our Universe?

Here in the Western world, there are two contending ideas about the origin and development of our universe. The prevailing, Christian, argument is that the Bible describes Gods creation. To counter the idea that life developed through the process of evolution, they introduced the idea of intelligent design. They say that a random process like evolution could never produce the near perfect forms of life we see here, that only an intelligent designer, God, could do it. The scientific argument puts forward the idea that some small, highly compressed mass exploded (the big bang) to give our universe its structure and elemental building blocks. The process of evolution then followed this to bring forth all the various forms of life found here on earth.

Three H’s to Help Bring New Members to Your Church

If you are a pastor or lead a church one of your frequent thoughts is most likely how will I build my flock? How will I get my message out to others who need it? To get people to come to you offer them a safe-haven from the world a place where they feel wanted and lifted up.

Genesis Bible Study – The Story of Cain and Abel

The story of Cain and Abel is a good example of how jealousy can control us and make us do evil things to other people. We must always do all things with love.

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