The little boy was HEALED of being DEAF in both ears since BIRTH!!!

Knowing Your Enemy

To fail to acknowledge Satan’s power is one of the most serious and dangerous mistakes that a Believer can make. Satan attacks people who are serious about their faith while leaving the “Sunday only” Christians, who are no threat to him to play the game of church.

Mundane Promises

Why do we make promises? Our intent may be right, but our motivation for achieving the fulfillment of the promises is severely limited. Some look at it is making promises in an attempt to deal with fleshly weaknesses. How important are the promises we make?

The Origin of the Name Jesus

Working with the Spirit it showed me how the origin of names may be traced back to their original sounds and meanings. It seemed like a miracle when words broke apart and their original intent became clear. The letter [i] for instance stands for ‘eye’ because an early way of following the sun was to see its rays through a hole held aloft on a stone. ‘Hole-eye’ is the origin of ‘holy’.

Courage Rising Up

I experienced times in my life where I came close to giving up. Everything was against me.

Overflowing Trust and Love

It’s good to know that we belong to God. We’ve been commanded to stay away from the wrong things.

A Taxi Driver Making the Right Choice

Many children of God miss the point by thinking that they have to try their best not to sin. Every morning when they get up, they pray hard that they won’t be trapped by the wily world and that they will remain standing against the stormy winds of evil.

Pre-Emergent Sin-Killer

Bradley helped by giving me this simple picture of sin: As sinner, you can compare yourself to a pig and sin is the mud. And as we know, pigs like rolling around in the mud.

The Bus Driver Will Stop for You

There’s this cute story about a little boy waiting on the sidewalk for the bus. He was very patient and quietly stood there waiting.

Through the Eye of a Needle

I saw a cartoon of two men pulling the elastic band of a very big slingshot. A large-eyed camel is replacing a big rock.

What Place Does Money Have in Your Life?

What are you chasing? Wealth or the Gospel?

Finding Peace in What You Have

NataniΓ«l has a way of putting things. He said this about gratitude: “Get a dog and call him ‘Thank you’.

Invest in the Heavenly Bank

There’s this joke about a very rich man who was obsessed with his wealth and couldn’t accept that one day he would have to leave everything behind. He prayed every day and asked for a special exception to be made for him.

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