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Dogma is the Drama – Why You Need to Know the Back Story of Christianity

What is the Dogma of the Church? It is the back-story of Christianity; the depth of the doctrines that make up our faith! Learn their value today!

The Hypocrisy of Christianity – Pastors – Setting the Record Straight

My previous post warrants a sequel to even the ledger, particularly concerning pastors. If they are not always instrumental in bringing people over the line to faith, they certainly are regarding disciplining people in the faith.

Have Faith in God, Faith in God is Believing What You Don’t See!

Faith in God is believing in God regardless of what the circumstances appear to be in the natural world. In the natural world, sometimes it appears that our entire world is falling down around us. These are the days when you just lost your job, relationship, money, etc. Remember, God is in control.

What If All the Supposed Contradictions in the Bible Are Illusions?

If they are illusions, then some people are spending way too much time passing them off as “gospel truths.” Why are the so-called contradictions mere illusions? According to Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, an illusion is “a false idea or conception; a belief or opinion not in accord with the facts.” In this article, we show so-called contradictions in the Bible are unfounded and totally ridiculous.

What If Naturalistic Evolution is a Fanatical Religious Faith?

The truth is out. Naturalistic evolution is a fanatical religious faith. This may come as a surprise to some. Others may want to debate this conclusion. In this article we will lay to rest the idea that naturalistic evolution is a proven science. This article show the religious nature of naturalistic evolution.

Absolute Faith in the West Bank

This article considers absolute faith in the West Bank, both amongst Israelis and Palestinians. It considers the dangers of absolute belief.

The Real Cause of Divorce

Over the years as a pastor, I have counseled many Christian couples, but sad to say some of them ended in divorce. The one thing I noticed in every case is that no one acknowledged their lack of submission to God as the source of their problems. It’s always; “what he or she said, or what they did or did not do.”

Do All For the Glory of God

Last week we discussed being born again, becoming a new creation with Christ in our life. For some of us, we grew up in church and have heard about the saving grace of our Lord since birth and others have only recently come to believe in Jesus Christ.

Examining the Book of Genesis

I was watching a video the other day when the speaker told me something that I knew about, but never put two and two together. In the first chapter of Genesis, it refers to Adam and Eve being created together. That’s when it registered to me that something I learned my whole life might be wrong.

Can the Devil Make You Stronger?

We all know that hard work is something that we don’t like to do, but it often provides us with the exercise we need to live healthy lives. We might struggle a little bit here and there for a while when exercising, but we usually feel good at the end of the day, when the task is done.

Whose God is Actually Telling Us the Truth?

Let’s just see how many gods there are out there in the world today. There’s the Christian god Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, the God of Islam is Allah, the Jewish God is Jehovah, the Hindus have a list of gods and I just don’t have room in this article to write about them.

Philadelphia Church of God

The Philadelphia Church of God is a non-denominational Christian church which traces it roots back to the Worldwide Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong in 1934. Herbert W. Armstrong became recognized and respected by leaders in government, industry and education around the world. Until the time of his death in January 1986, he remained pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God and editor in chief of the Plain Truth magazine.

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