The Mark Of Elon Musk! Micro Chip Will Be Implanted In Your Brain

What to Do When You Hear God

What to do, is easy if you are willing to trust the message you have been given. Allow your self to be in a state of gratefulness after you hear God.Take action on what you now trust as God’s word in a spirit of gratefulness and you will see miracles manifest almost immediately.

Trumpets of the Last Judgement

Manifold are the interpretations and understandings of the concept of the last Trumpet when the dead shall be raised. To understand this we must follow the grand plan of the book of revelations which discusses it .And the only work that can give us the basis of understanding is the work In The Light Of Truth The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin. Through this, certain misplaced signposts will be put back.

Reproductive Health Bill: Einstein’s Perspective

Einstein once said, “Science without Religion is lame, Religion without Science is blind.” Correlating this with the Reproductive Health Bill will give us a lot of view points why it must be put into an act. So here a little bit of science behind our situation right now.

The LORD at Israel’s Head

When the darkness surrounds, particularly within a communal setting, as was the case that Micah was prophesying about, hope is made – for that moment – trivially irrelevant. What need is there of hope when all thought is consumed for abrogating fear? But such despair is a deception, for hope is the only true thing that can resolve such unparalleled darkness. Such a hope is found wedded to repentance. Hope may not, otherwise, be true; that which God owns (i.e. hope) will only prevail in the presence of reconciliation, us with the LORD, by the acknowledgement of our sin.

From Yehsua to Jesus [Part 9 of Many]

While the priests purified themselves in private surrounds, the rest of the population made do with communal Mikvehs and, as has already been discussed, in streams and rivers. This is the point where this narrative returns the one the afore-mentioned In Matthew’s gospel, the moment when Yohanan hailed Yeshua enjoining him to come in flowing waters of the Jordan. How ironic that it should be such an innocuous moment of a mundane daily Judaic ritual that has been recast and enshrined in the gospel as the Baptism of Jesus!

The Power of the Gospel

The Bible is more than just another literary work. When it is properly preached and taught, lives can be radically changed. This article discusses the power behind the preaching of the gospel.

The Formation of Jesus

The story of the formation of the historical Jesus is amazingly unremarkable. Jesus grew to wisdom through familial diligence and prudence. From a humble birth, he grew in humility, in humble surroundings, within a humble family. Three words remain when summarising the formation of Jesus: humility, favour, and wisdom. Predating his ministry, Jesus had earned the respect of humanity and the favour of God.

Tim Tebow: The Most Interesting Man In The World

This article is about a man who may not be the most interesting man in the world but he is certainly one of the most polarizing figures in American Culture. Why is he so loved? Why is he so hated? Why does he divide us?

New Age, Is This The Future One World Religion?

Today’s modern thinking is embracing a “New Age” theology that denies all the fundamental truths of the Bible. This New Age church has over 20 million enthusiastic members in the United States who adore their new age leaders.

Psalm 122 – Peace for Jerusalem

The third in the Songs of Ascent is a solid hymnal offering for peace. It is centred on the Temple experience; the physical attainment of the LORD’S city by the pilgrims. And the connection is made between the city and its LORD. In our contemporary day, this psalm is not merely a Temple hymn – a song of Zion – it’s very much an exhortation for the achievement of the presence of peace; the long sought-after yearning of Jerusalem.

Christmas Greetings With Menorahs

Merry Christmas. What is it about the Christmas season that brings out the worst in the anti-Christian and anti-Jewish zealots? This along with the constant denigration of Christians and Jews brings me to the conclusion it must be fear, or they have a problem with their own image in the mirror.

Seven Interests of God

God is passionate about you and I, for we have a unique share in what interests the LORD. Faith must express itself through works, for that is love. These seven interests, then, speak of how we please God in the manner of our activity in, through, and for love.

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