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Jesus In Plain English – What Is ‘Salvation’?

From save the planet, to save money, to save your soul, the word ‘save’ is used in different ways. Often the word is used to mean ‘rescue’ and it is the way Jesus used it. This is what I need to take a fresh look at and I have a big goal in view – just what in the world is ‘salvation’?

God’s Anger and The Fires of Hell

Every news report of recent months shows the effect of terrorism and war, especially on areas under Muslim control. While those of that faith pray repeatedly to Allah they are under attack. Many have or are in the process of fleeing their homes and of those huge numbers drown at sea or end up in concentration camps, such as those on Nauru, or in no man’s land in foreign countries, such as the Rohingya of Burma.

Ye Shall Fall by the Sword – I Will Judge You in the Borders of Israel (Ezekiel 11:10)

One almost cannot believe the horror that is taking place in and around the borders of Israel. Not only in Syria but in Palestine. Murder of thousands of innocent people and children blown to pieces in front of their parents.

A Whirlwind Has Gone Forth to Fall on the Heads of the Wicked (Jeremiah 23:19)

Not many can understand these words or relate them to events of this time. It requires more insight than what religions offer and a closer relationship to the real God to interpret the prophecy. It takes an in-depth knowledge of the promises for the end of the day than what is currently accepted.

How to Study the Bible and Understand

Understanding the Bible can sometimes seem very difficult, There are some ways to gain understanding and more effectively read the scriptures. In this article, you will find 6 tips to help you gain more understanding.

Why Are Women Despised and Persecuted by Religions?

Most readers would be familiar with the systems of Catholicism, Judaism, and Muslimism. In all three women are mostly despised or, at least, not allowed to serve other than attending chapels, mosques, churches, or synagogues. Even then, there are strict conditions attached whereby they are either confined to the rear, not allowed to speak, or only admitted to worship on certain occasions.

Islam: 10 Common Myths That Critics Believe

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are commonly referred to as the Abrahamic religions given that these religions all worship the god of Abraham. Given language differences, God is called by various names, yet they are the same. Followers of the three faiths believe that there are prophets that God has sent to teach the people.

Let the People Say, “Restore”

So many of God’s children are living below what God wants for them but it is not because God is holding back from blessing them; it is because we have an adversary who steals, kill and destroy. Psalms 42:22 says, “But this is a people robbed and plundered; all of them are snared in holes, they are hidden in prison houses (sickness and diseases). They are prey, and no one delivers; for plunder, and no one says, “Restore.”

How Easy Is It to Fool People and Pull the Wool Over Their Eyes to Hide the Real God?

Lies work and if they are said often enough and added to with unsubstantiated evidence they gain ever more traction. People love mysteries and the deeper they are the greater they tend to become. So it is with systems that they are brain-washed into people from birth.

The Two Gods of the Bible and the Confusion They Cause

Yes, there are two distinct Gods in the bible and one of them is an invention. How do I know? I have memory of reincarnation and a link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only true Creator.

Roman Tricks Behind The New Testament

In a suppressed society the king fools everyone because they are taught from birth that his word is law. The traditions we follow act against us and yet we are tied to them with bonds that cannot be broken. Society frowns on those who dare to oppose the majority so few step out to bring about change.

Igniting Faith

We can talk, read, and listen all day to spiritual rhetoric, but without affirmative action, it is nothing but words. Talk is cheap, commitment is everything.

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