The Nephilim: The Origin of Demons

The Reigning Life

I have come to realise that the world, the society, the home and the Church today is full of the notion of what is ‘reigning’. We have the reigning cars, the reigning clothes, the reigning music, the electronics, which took the world into the computer age, and in the Church we have the reigning or the “moving” gospel style or praises and the new wave of worship, all in the spirit of what is “reigning” at the time.

The Testing of Abraham – A Fun Bible Review of Genesis 22, 1-18 For Kids

The testing of Abraham is a Bible story that everyone should know, even our kids. Use this fun Bible review activity to help your class learn about this powerful true account…

God is Unlimited – Good News

It is a great thing to discover that God, being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent is unlimited. I came to realize when, all of a sudden, I stumbled into this eternal truth and applied it into my life and it worked wonders for me. And because the Lord wants this truth to sink down in the hearts of Christians and their friends as He proves His unlimitedness in their situations, families, bodies, careers, businesses, etc, I quickly thought it wise that the truth must equally be shared among Christians and the entire human race.

What Are Orthodox Icons?

Orthodox Icons are sacred paintings, frescoes and mosaics of Jesus Christ, the Holy Mother, Angels, and the Saints. These Icons were originated during the Byzantine Empire after Constantine the Great converted to Christianity.

Learning to Glean in God’s “Fields” – A Scripture Lady Object Lesson For Kids

Do your kids know what it means to glean? Ruth gleaned in Boaz’ field and God wants us to glean in His “fields” of prayer and Bible study…

Isaiah Bible Study

The Book of Isaiah, which is also known as a small Bible consists of sixty six chapters in total; where the first 39 chapters are somewhat similar to the Old Testament. These 39 chapters include the history, psalms, and prophecies. And as for the last 27 chapters, it begins with the formation of new earth and new heaven.

Hell! How Can I Avoid Going There?

A very pertinent question in these times when the entire human race seems to be heading in the direction of Hell! It is not the claim to believe in Christ or the claim that we worship God which takes us to Heaven. The claims we make mean nothing as long as we do not change our ways.

The Word of God is Alive and Powerful

“May your spirit, soul and your body be safe, sound and without blame [1Ths 5.23] pg 1828. God wants us whole, that is without: Mental illness, Emotional wounds or Physical sickness. He desires wholeness in our spirit, soul and body. Sin damages us, sin damages others often those we love. Sin can cause illness of spirit, soul and body, only God can heal these three different parts of our lives [spirit, soul and body] and make us whole again.

The Steps of a Righteous Man Are Ordered by the Lord

Scripturally speaking, the people that are righteous are led by the Lord God through the unction of the Holy Spirit. If you are being led by the Lord each step of your life, then life can be really interesting, enjoyable and fruitful.

Are You to See God Move in Revival Or Are You Waiting For Judgment?

Times are getting darker and darker. Time is coming to an end. Can’t you feel it? Are you going to change this evil atmosphere that is pervading society and see revival in your city or are you going to see God judge the evil?

Achieve Fearless Faith Now and Have a Happier Life

Having faith is something that everyone needs to have these days, but not everyone does. Knowing how to achieve fearless faith will help anyone revive your faith so you can live a much happier life.

There is Nothing Like a Good Ole Church Fundraiser

Raising money for your church by having a fundraiser has to be the simplest way to go about it. Many people will be more than happy to donate to the church as well as volunteer their time to help out. Having a fundraiser is a fun way to get the members of the church involved in working together for a good cause.

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