The Friends of Truth Cannot Support the British Constitution As the Ordinance of God

The friends of truth under the present government should say to it in such a manner as not to be misunderstood,–We will obey your good laws, because they are good; but by oaths or otherwise we will not recognize your authority as of God. We will co-operate with you in doing what is good; but so long as you continue to support evil, we cannot swear allegiance to you. Abolish all oaths of allegiance, and we will act along with you in every right matter.

Inside Revelations 1: The Antichrist and the Christians

The Beast/Antichrist is a person that many Christians put a lot of time and effort into preaching about. The Man of Sin/Antichrist/Beast of the Book of Revelation is one scary character especially if you are left on earth when he is voted in. This is a teaching on the Antichrist. This teaching is called Inside Revelations: The Antichrist and the Christian. There’s a lot of speculation out there in the world about the Antichrist, the Beast. A lot of people offer up their information, they’ll offer up their expert opinions. I say, “Expert opinions” You should not consider everything I have to say as the Gospel truth. However, I’ve spent many years looking at the prophets, the Old Testament prophets; sixteen years, in fact.

Christmas – The Celebration of a Man

For most people December brings along with the cold and winter some special feelings. We have all heard the statement, “the feeling of Christmas is in the air”. In December we begin to see the Christmas lights and decorations of tinsel. We see many nativity scenes, some of which are equipped with live animals. We experience the overstocked and busy stores. We see Santa Klaus in department stores bidding children to sit on his lap and leave their Christmas wishes.

RLDS Artwork and Art – Community of Christ

I was recently looking at artwork on a website in which I saw several paintings by RLDS artists, and it was quite interesting. There were several paintings that would have been appropriate for either denomination, such as a painting of Joseph Smith’s Mansion home at Christmastime, a painting of the Nephites being blessed by the Savior, and other artwork about the early history of both churches.

My Minister Asked Me to Buy Clergy Robes for the Church – Where Do I Start?

If you have been asked by your minister to buy clergy robes for the church, you should not feel overwhelmed by the big responsibility. In fact, you should feel honored that your priest or clergy trusts you enough to give you this kind of task. However, it is important to know a few things about clergy robes before you go shopping for them.

Sodom and Gomorrah

Lot represents the ‘dark side’ of Abraham, and his story is in many ways a comic caricature of the story of Abraham. Lot lives in a world in which hospitality is a crime.

The Golden Calf

This is when God said to Moses, “Hurry down, for your people, whom you brought out of the land of Egypt, have acted basely.” God’s use of the term ‘your people’, may be indicating the ‘mixed multitude’ that Moses had insisted on bringing along against God’s advice. Or it may indicate that He is disowning the Israelites.

Joseph Forgives His Brothers

This is the final test. Joseph had to see if the brothers would send the youngest, the remaining child of Rachel, into slavery, and save their own skins. They could go free, and return home to Jacob with new lies about how his beloved Benjamin met his demise. Have they changed?

Sacred Numbers and Sacred Geometry

A Triangle can ‘appear’ in the Sensible world and then ‘disappear’ out of it. In other words, the ephemeral number Three lies curiously in between the Intelligible world of Spirit and the Sensible world of Matter. Three represents a ‘Threshold’ between them, a passageway that links the manifest with the transcendent.

Moses and the Angels of Terror

Moses then came to the Angels of Terror who surround the Throne of Glory, the strongest and mightiest of the angels. They questioned Moses about his mission, but God told him to hold tightly to His Throne and answer their charges.

Joshua and Rahab

Why, of all places, would Joshua’s spies go to lodge with a harlot? Doesn’t God hate harlots?

Judah and Tamar: How Judah Became a ‘Tzaddik’ (A Righteous Man)

This public confession of wrongdoing is the first such confession in the Bible (long overdue since Adam first blamed Eve and Eve blamed the Serpent), and it is a symbol of profound repentance. Judah has learned to be honest, to bear responsibility, and to be merciful.

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