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Miracle Healing in Africa


Miracle Healing in Africa

Throughout history, people of Africa have adopted Christianity as their religion. The gospel has spread and Africans have come to see God as the God of miracles. They believe in God’s power and see the miracles he performs in the world. However, early missionaries to Africa were not adequately prepared to answer the Africans’ questions about Christianity. They were too quick to dismiss their question and their theological disposition was cessationist. They thought that they had to respond to the encounter of spiritual power with mercy.

In response to these concerns, the apostles were appointed to help people understand Christianity. Their task was to preach the gospel to people. During the first few years, these apostles were sent to preach the word to the people. As they traveled, they cured people of illnesses and raised the dead. They even exorcised demonic spirits. However, they were betrayed by one of them, Judas. This was a sad event in the early days of Christianity, but it did not mean that they could not be helpful.

The miracles that Jesus performed during his earthly ministry are also a significant part of Christianity. They were recorded by eyewitnesses. Mark’s Gospel records the greatest number of Jesus’ miracles, with 37 recorded in Mark’s Gospel. Miracles took place in both the Old Testament and the New. Sometimes God spoke through a messenger, and at other times, Jesus performed miracles of his own accord. These miracles exemplify the power of the message of the gospel and authenticate the messenger. However, they are not as prevalent as Jesus’s healing ministry.

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