The Pharisees Are Trying To Kill Gods People In 2022

Hyperbolic Discounting and the Gospel

Hyperbolic discounting refers “to the empirical finding that people generally prefer smaller, sooner payoffs to larger, later payoffs when the smaller payoffs would be imminent. However, when the same payoffs are both more distant in time, people tend to prefer the larger outcome, even though the time lag from the smaller to the larger would be the same as before.”

Our God Runs

Understand that God is always pulling for you wanting you to succeed. God is our biggest fan wanting you to achieve all that you can in this life.

Soaking Music is a Great Addition to Your Soaking Prayer Time

Christian soaking is the relaxing of the mind and body, while listening to soaking music, to become a vessel completely open for God to pour into and through. Soaking allows you to focus on nothing but God and draw close to Him.

Is a Spirit of Religion at Work?

The religious spirit is also known as the spirit of Jezebel. The religious spirit promotes doctrine that goes against the Word of God; however, it tries to mask itself as truth. Often times the religious spirit will attempt to attack new Christian believers because of their lack of Biblical knowledge.

Man’s Purpose Part III and IV

Most every congregation on this Earth contains members who are part of this true invisible Bride of Christ and those who are not. As a church-goer, it is up to you to know which you are. One might assume that no individual would even desire to join a local church without having first been truly Saved. However, religious motivation can be a powerful deceiver, particularly if it is backed by a crafty leader!

How to Become a Muslim

This Article Describes the Process of Reverting to Islam. Please do Share the great news with us once you make the decision.

A True Pastoral Work

Pastoral work is not easy. Part of it is imparting God’s word. Here is a glimpse on how pastors, disciplers, and ministers impart God’s word and do Christian discipleship.

Now That’s Righteous! – Can a Man Or Woman Be Righteous?

Can a man or woman be righteous? Good question! In pondering that thought I think about what the prophet Isaiah had to say, “…But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags…” (Isaiah 64:6). Hum, now that doesn’t look too good. Though we may perceive ourselves to be righteous and like a clean white cloth, we are in truth as “filthy rags.” But there IS hope, let me explain.

“Why Are You an Atheist” He Asked

Many Christians cannot understand how anyone could be an atheist, although they can understand why someone might be an agnostic. Still, when they see someone who is an atheist they think to themselves, I owe it to God to convert this person to save their soul. Interestingly enough, nothing could be more aggravating than a religious person pestering them.

What Side of the Serving Line Are You On?

The four year anniversary of the monster storm Katrina was recently commemorated. This storm hit the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts on August 25, 2005 with devastating results. Many people are still dealing with the aftermath, either physically, emotionally or financially.

What Do You Consider a Biblical Mistake?

I’ve heard it all and I would imagine that I will continue to hear, how the Bible was written and who inspired the writings. The only problem is, there’s very little evidence to support the claim that God the creator of everything, is the same entity that wrote the Holy Bible.

Living Only For God’s Kingdom

Living for God’s kingdom, seeking the ultimate reward, but not knowing, whether you’re truly going to go there is extremely confusing for most Christians. In the book of revelations, it often refers to only 144,000 people being allowed to enter the promise land.

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