The Power In Your Name Full Firehouse Sunday Message

Two Problems With Women In Christian Ministry We Must Overcome

This is a factual generalisation that is compelling. There is nowhere near fifty percent of politicians, executives, and church leaders who are women. It is usually a figure closer to five percent. Men are apparently better leaders. But is that true? Of course it isn’t.

Take Responsibility for Your Action: Are Dzhokhar and the Nazis Less Accountable Than Their Leaders?

“If not for Tamerlan, it would not have happened,” claimed Clarke, the defense attorney for the Boston Marathon co-bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, implying: Dzhokhar is not as guilty for the crime and thus does not warrant the death penalty. Then we can say the same thing regarding the Holocaust. If not for Hitler, the Nazis would not have slaughtered millions of Jews and gentiles. But even so, does this make the Nazis less accountable for the Holocaust than Hitler?

It’s Not About The Cake or the Pizza

I’m sure we are all aware of the uproar created because a bakery refused to bake a wedding cake or a pizza for a gay wedding because of religious convictions. First off, who has pizza at their wedding? But that is a whole different story.

Pews or Chairs? That Is the Question When It Comes to Church Seating

There is a statistic that reports that more than 9 out of each 10 churches building new facilities today will choose church chairs over church pews for their primary worship seating. While we cannot testify as to the complete legitimacy of that statistic, we can certainly attest that it is compatible with our own empirical data that we experience throughout the year. What follows are the 3 primary reasons that churches share with us today as to why they desire church chairs versus church pews for their new worship facilities. If your church is involved in a church construction project or pursuing one in the near future, these 3 reasons will be of interest to you.

How Did Evil Originate on Earth, and Why Is Yahweh God Almighty Permitting It?

Have you ever wondered from where evil came? Did Yahweh God Almighty create evil? Why Is He permitting wickedness?

Need to Make an Important Decision? You Just Need a Fence, a Tent, and Your Head!

Recently, I have discovered a “new” way to look at Biblical text. Ironically, it is by referring to the oldest pictographic Hebrew/Aramaic language, and has transformed my personal relationship with the Father through Yahshua supernaturally!

Same-Sex Marriage – What Sort Of Equality?

Much of the current discussion in Ireland is about the equal civil rights of people to same-sex marriage. How could anyone have a problem with that? The purpose of this article is to question the meaning and validity of the type of equality that is being advocated by the same-sex movement.

2023 In Bible Prophecy

The Year 2023 in Bible Prophecy holds many events. The Third Temple of Israel is Built. The Anti-Christ makes his appearance. The Tribulation Period begins. And Blessed is he who cometh to 1335 years after the Dome of the Rock is built.

Will Animals Be Resurrected on the Day of Resurrection When All Humans Are Raised From the Dead?

Will animals, such as our beloved pet dogs and cats, be resurrected? What does the Bible say?

It Is All Such a Waste of Time

What questions are you looking for the answers to? What answers do you want to find? When you really think about it, do you believe the answers; once you found them, would change anything? Or would the answers you find create more questions? Isn’t it time to discover the answers you already have? Isn’t it time to just remember?

Secular Signs of Spiritual Significance – What Could They Mean?

Recent events like solar and lunar eclipses and the nuclear talks with Iran have biblical significance. What do they signify, or do they have any relevance for us?

You Are Forgiven

Many Christians can’t seem to grasp the absolutes of God’s Word. Some Believers will continually question how God could ever forgive them. How is it possible? The Word contains the answer.

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