The Power of God Hits Her as she Shares her Testimony

The Fall of Man – Part 1 – In the Garden – Two Special Trees

The one thing that strikes me about the verses is that the garden of Eden was an actual physical location. It was not some imaginary place, a story place, but it indeed is an actual location on earth.

From Trash to Treasure!

Next week, Hands of Compassion ( is blessing Casa de Salvacion by sending a container load of Goods to be distributed to the poor in Guatemala. And we as Children of Christ rejoice at the opportunity to put in the hands of those who need our help things that if we did not recycle would most probably end up in a dumpster, or somewhere in a landfill in Canada.

The Problem of the Sign of Jonah – Jesus Failed Messiah?

Thousands of commentaries and sermons have been written by pious teachers and biblical scholars on what Jesus termed the “sign of Jonah,” but only very few have been bold enough to accept the challenge of the fact that Jesus’ death and resurrection did not fulfill the “sign of Jonah” as Jesus himself predicted. Yet this was the single sign that Jesus presented to the Pharisees as confirming evidence or proof of his messiahship.

Does God Want You to Be Rich?

In recent years some churches have begun preaching that it is God’s will for his people to be rich. They say that it is the will of God that his people should have a lot of money. And we see these ministers who preach wealth ministry set the example with expensive clothes, big houses, jewelry and fancy cars.

The Gospel of St John – Yet Another Piece of Pious Fraud?

Even though the Gospel of St. John is traditionally ascribed to John who was of the inner circle of three disciples of Jesus, practically nothing can be independently corroborated concerning the writer of this book and his relationship, if any at all, to the Apostle who died at ripe old age sometime towards the end of the First Century A.D., probably during or just before the commencement of the reign of the Emperor Trajan. The book, however, contains sufficient internal evidence to allow reasonably certain conjectures of when, why and by whom it was written.

Prosperity Gospel Theology – An Unbiblical Approach to Christian Prosperity

The prosperity gospel is a greed-driven theology that exploits Christians financially and spiritually. The true path to prosperity is a righteous path.

Peter’s Shadow Healed the Multitudes

This article will tell you the many different ways the Lord Jesus heals. Peter was a man just like you and I and God moved on him to heal the multitudes a very different way than we would ever think of. God always has a way to meet your every need. So don’t ever give up if you are seeking healing and haven’t obtained it yet. There is a way just for you.

What is the Role of the Music Director in a Local Church (Part II)

A music director is one who manages the structures of operation that relate to music in an organization or institution.The structures of operation are policy working systems, human resource systems and technical support and equipment.

Life Soul-ved

What happens when you die? An age old question, and one which will never be answered. Here’s my take on it.

The History of Christianity

This Article is about the beginning of Christianity. It tells how and when Christianity begun.

God is Good

There are many names of God in the bible. It is said that the different names of God reflects a different aspect of the character of God.

God, The Most Misused and Abused Word?

Many people use God every now and then but little know the meaning of the word. On a deeper thought, they are confused when asked what it meant. Is God the most misused and abused word?

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