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Enduring Persecution

We must all look to Jesus as our example of endurance, for He suffered more than any of us shall suffer, yet He did not falter in His commission from the Father. He endured persecution, hatred, pain and humiliation all for the sake of men’s souls.

Step Back and Celebrate

At Easter I always think back to Tony Campolo’s great line, “It may feel like Friday, but Sunday’s a-comin’!” Even though he said it years before coaching was fully developed as a profession, the line fits right into the coach approach to ministry.

When Belief Challenges Belief, What Scope Is There For Empirical Proof?

The seemingly unending contention between believers in a Christian god and prominent atheists is surely a false debate. It pitches belief against belief, but both are beyond empirical proof. It is as impossible to prove the non-existence of an ephemeral being as it is to prove its existence. When Belief Challenges Belief, What Scope Is There For Empirical Proof?

Knowing Your Enemy – What Are The Names Of Satan?

Any good soldier before they go off to war has studied their enemy and their character.The same is true for spiritual warfare. In order for us to know Satan, our enemy we must know where he came from, his character and his strategy.

Psalms for All Seasons

The Psalms represent a group of 150 poems that run the gamut of human emotion – love of God; sorrow for sins committed; man’s dependence on God in their worst times; overcoming fear and doubt while learning to trust when things seem hopeless; and many more. The different aspects of our existence recorded in the book can be an encouragement to every reader.

What’s So Good About ‘Good Friday?’

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is it called ‘Good’ Friday?” Reading what happened on ‘Good Friday’ it seems far from good. An innocent man has just been declared guilty in front of a baying mob, he is dragged before two further courts who insult him, and beat him up in a really violent manner.

Eliminating Fear

Fear seems to be more and more prevalent in a society addicted to psychotic drugs and prolonged counseling sessions. A proper perception of our loving and powerful God does more than anything else to dispel fear in our lives.

Is Homosexuality Really a Sin?

This is an article to determine whether Homosexuality is a sin or not from a Scriptural point of view. I believe that it is, but I take a softer approach on this issue than a lot of Christians do.

Pastor Appreciation

If the Pastor at your church does a great job of taking care of the congregation, you may want to consider showing him how thankful you are with a pastor appreciation service. Pastor appreciation day is the perfect time that you and the other members of your congregation can get together and plan something really special for your pastor.

Pastor Anniversary Gifts

A person who dedicates his or her life to being a pastor deserves some appreciation. The question arises frequently as to what exactly should a parishioner or indeed the entire congregation get for an appreciated pastor. Having given it some thought, and asked several pastors their opinions, here are some guidelines that can be helpful in making the decision.

America’s Watchmen on the Wall

Cultural rebels have built a new road thereby attempting to change America’s destiny. As servants of the living God, as watchmen on the wall, what message does God want us to share with America today?

The Watchman on the Wall (2) – Three Lies Christians Are Being Taught

What is the Christian’s responsibility as a watchman at the wall? Watchmen beware! There are three lies Christians are being taught.

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