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Global Spiritual Warfare


Global Spiritual Warfare

‘Global spiritual warfare’ is a term that is used to describe the polemical aspect of Christian expansionism. It explores two related axes: one focuses on the centrality of prayer to political praxis, and the other has apocalyptic visions.

There is an increasing fervour for “spiritual warfare” in Christianity today. This is partly due to the recent development of a charismatic third wave that has broken down barriers between mainstream evangelicalism and Pentecostalism.

Charismatic Christians know that they are engaged in an epic battle with demonic powers. These forces are present throughout the world, attempting to subvert Christian evangelism. They are called spiritual warriors, and their doctrine claims that Christian prayer can determine the outcome of an end-times cosmological battle between God and Satan. Some critics accuse this doctrine of being theologically heterodox, elevating believers to a supernatural, almost godlike status.

This phenomenon is a result of a recent phenomenon in the religious right: the rise of dominionist/reconstructionist leaders who have developed loose affiliations within the Christian community. For example, Jim Garlow, a leader of the anti-marriage equality Proposition Eight campaign in California, is part of “The Response,” a large prayer rally that is being held to launch presidential campaigns.

The charismatic third wave of Christianity developed from a core group of evangelicals. These evangelicals included Ted Haggard, George Otis, and C. Peter Wagner. Their ideas were tested in a popular Fuller’s School of Missions course.

Wagner argued that Western Christendom had been misled by the blinders of scientific naturalism and had failed to perceive the spiritual realm. He asserted that a radically “cosmological” shift was necessary in order to engage salvation.

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