What Must Take Place Before Jesus Comes?

Oh, many things come before Jesus does. Now he may come for you today! But the end of the world scenario is a several year process. We may be near the beginning of the end, but careful students of the Bible need to get it right.

You’re Excellent Jesus, You’re Excellent

It is important that we have a biblical understanding of who Jesus is. Jesus indicated that the Old Testament Scriptures spoke of Him. The Jews of His day did not understand what He was talking about. Even at times, His disciples did not fully understand who He was. We have the full revelation of the Word of God both the Old and New Testament and through the illumination of the Holy Spirit we can see who Jesus really is.

What The Meaning Of Numbers Can Really Mean

Numerology is unquestionably the exploration of numerical characters that helps figure out and reveal a persons capabilities, talents, aspirations and pathway all the way through life. Letters of the alphabet at the same time can be represented by specific numerals, and therefore the exact sum of all the collective numbers found in your own personal name along with your own personal birth date contain a direct cosmic connection to themselves, in addition to who exactly you are.

Do Humans Need Religion – Is It Helping Or Holding Back the Species?

The other day, I was discussing with a rather devout religious acquaintance about how religion and human superstition is holding our species back. He insisted that essentially religion is a good thing and it has helped organize society to a large degree and helped people form a moral foundation. Yes, I hear that comment a lot from the religious apologetics but is it really so? What about all the sectarian violence in the Middle East, that’s been going on for over 3,000 years that we know about – it’s written down – part of human history and not really up for question.

Live And Let Live – One of the Messages From Ancient Writers of Religious Texts

The other day, I got into a rather interesting intellectual conversation (if you can call it that) about religion. Being a non-religious type, in every sense of the word, I wasn’t feeling so generous as to concede many points to my devout acquaintance. Never the less, I guess we did almost agree on at least one point. So, let’s discuss this shall we?

Should You Be Proud of Your Religion – Yes, But Check Your Mind If You Are

The say that Pride is often a sinful concept, but I don’t think it’s like that at all. False pride, just like an unearned ego is quite problematic, but it kind of goes with the human mind – not sure we are going to breed that out of future generations anytime soon. Further, I am not convinced we’d want to, if we could, but we can handle that debate for another time and place. Today, I want to discuss with my readers this simple question.

To Separate Church and State

There are two interpretations of the first amendment. One implies the separation of church and state; the other merely a distinction between establishment of a church or public discussion of religious philosophy.

Looking for Christ, Antichrist, or Both?

It is a revelation to those caught up in the modern doctrine called “Pre-tribulation Rapture” that a person can look for Christ and Antichrist at the same time. This article goes into that phenomenon.

Don’t Blame Eve

Is our world the best of all possible worlds? I maintain that it is not the best world possible. So what would it take theologically, spiritually or intellectually to bring about such a world and what would that world look like?

Evangelicals In Ireland Today

One of the marks of early Christianity is very clear: it spread and took strong hold in strategic places like, Ephesus, Corinth, Pergamum, Philippi, and then even Rome itself – but not necessarily in that order. Now fast forward the best part of 2,000 years and see how this growth is still taking place, as I share with you news of a new church plant in North County Wexford, in the Republic of Ireland.

Watching For Jesus In Every Generation

Can we “watch” for Jesus if we know antichrist comes first? Indeed we can and must.

Why It Is Important To Know Who Comes First, Christ or Antichrist

Does it really matter who comes first, Christ or antichrist? I think so, and here are my reasons.

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