The Power of the Holy Spirit At Work Today

Conditional Immortality – What is it and How Does it Impact Religious Thought?

Conditional Immortality is the doctrine that man was not given immortality as an eternal possession in the creation. When he fell, man lost his right to go on living, and God will take his life from him in an ultimate, complete and final sense in the Day of Judgment. The only way that man can obtain immortality, by this doctrine, is through accepting Jesus Christ and undergoing the new birth.

Using Both the Spiritual and the Scientific

We are both spiritual and scientific. The mind is but cannot be touched like the brain. We will be poorer if we only think on the things we can touch but ignore the untouched wonders.

Sermon on the Mount – Still Valid Today?

As fewer and fewer people pick up their Bibles on a daily basis, it is easy to forget many of the truths that are lodged there. The Sermon of the Mount has been hailed as a great speech on social justice. But is there more to it than that and is it relevant in today’s world?

Born Again Church

Once the organized church gets a grip on the people, then the people are trained in this false sense of holiness and spirituality. They then take this to be the true form of walking with God. All the time they are under an illusion-Humans controlled all the way by other humans for Money, Control, and, Power. We need to set people free from the tyranny of the organized church. You shall know the truth and that knowledge of truth will set you free Being truly free is God’s intention and will.

The Jesus of the Old Testament

Evidence from the Bible that Jesus has existed for all time just as God the Father has. Further explanation of how Jesus could have spoke some of the Psalms.

Discerning Divisive Divisions and Understanding Unity

Paul goes on to address divisions in the church. Why does he talk about divisions in the church? Shouldn’t he be talking about love and unity among the brethren? Paul was committed to the truth. He believed Jesus when He said that “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). The truth was that there were divisions in the church. There are divisions in every church, always have been.

The Kingdom That Never Comes – End of Times

Are you one of those people who’s waiting for the rapture, the end of the world, the end of times as we know it today. Do you think that it is going to happen soon or within your lifetime? The second Messiah or savior of the world is on its way and you know that you are a decent and good follower of your religion, so there’s no fear, only feelings of pleasure and want.

Religious Fables Through History – Rethinking Your Religion

Most of us are taught that Greek mythology and gods like Zeus, Hades and Aphrodite are make-believe or fables in history. I don’t know of many people today who believe and Mount Olympus or the god Zeus but I do know and run into people on a daily basis who believe in Jesus, God, Jehovah, Krishna and other gods who seem to be different than the older gods like Zeus. Somehow these gods are more realistic to modern-day believers.

The Story of Chosun, Part 22

Meet Robert T. Oliver, author of “A history of the Korean People in Modern Times. 1800 to the Present.” From this point on in our history we will follow both Mr. Hulbert and Mr. Oliver. Unfortunately Mr. Hulbert will leave us at the turn of the next century, when his history ends (1905).

Christian Community – Guide to Your Spiritual Quest

Each man is born to fulfill certain predestined tasks. To fulfill this task is the very purpose of his existence. In his life time, the man is supposed to realize the purpose and fulfill the same. The purpose of life ultimately leads to his destiny whereupon he realizes the true meaning of life, he realizes God.

What Ails Us?

Islam has provided the answers to the very fundamental questions relating to the status, role and responsibility of Man in the Universe. The answer is enclosed within the triangular relationship of God the Creator with Man and the other way around, and that of Man with all that has been created. The harmony in the relationship is directly linked to the harmony of this Universe. The understanding of this triangular relationship and the beliefs and guiding principles laid down for the healthy existence and harmony are pivotal.

Our Choice of Words Can Build Or Destroy

Are your words building or destroying relationships. What is in your heart comes out in our speech and actions.

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