The Power of the Holy Spirit Through Resurrection

Is There Evidence Today That the Roman Empire Still Exists?

Is there evidence that proves Roman Empire never actually collapsed, and still thrives to this very day? You may surprised to find this evidence all around you.

Do We Get a Second Chance to Go to Heaven After We Die?

This is of course a sensitive subject. Especially if you have lost a loved one, or about to lose a loved one, whom you fear is unsaved. And it is also complex and difficult to explain. Being saved is not something we “do” or earn. It is a free gift from God.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati – Man of the Beatitudes

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati is known as the Man of the Beatitudes. He is the Patron of World Youth and was a young wealthy man that became very holy in a short time.

The Miracle of the Eucharis of Lanciano

The Miracle of the Eucharist of Lanciano occurred in 700 AD and is present to this day. This article relates the history and details of the Miracle as well as the investigations in the 1970’s by the University of Milan.

Did God Create Man, Or Did Man Create God?

The origins of religion and religious law are complex and controversial. But they are interesting questions whose answers may surprise you.

What Do Jesus of Nazareth and Voldemort Have in Common?

There is a similar structure that is common to many modern stories. You might be surprised to find out that they may have ancient roots.

Amazing Grace

Grace is the loving movement of life that touches us unexpectedly. Calling us to unravel the truth of life, it points us to the inner realm so that we may discover the co-creative powers that we share with our divine creator. In this article, I use the myth of Icarus to illustrate how grace comes to touch us and how only when we are spiritually awake will we recognize the touch of God in our life.

Write it All Down! Could a Wide-Margin Bible Be Right For You?

For those individuals who take on a special interest in the Bible or for those who take on a scholarly approach to the Bible there is no doubt that you need wide margin Bibles to do your note taking. Even for those who like to think while they read or who are doing some intense research on selected Bible stories or passages there is always the need for room to write down notes.

Why Do So Many Religions, Past and Present, Contain an Element of Sacrifice?

Sacrifice is a touchy subject that has a long and controversial history. The existence of human sacrifice in pre-Colombian South America is a hotly debated topic among scholars today. Did it really happen, to what extent? Did the celebrants go willingly, or was it tantamount to socially accepted murder? Indeed, these are difficult questions to ask of a culture that has all but been replaced with modern society.

Only God Deserves Your Worship

Why we should give our worship to God and not idols. Only God deserves our worship.

What is the Meaning Behind 666? The Answer May Surprise You

Who hasn’t heard of those infamous three numbers, six six six? They have been embedded in popular culture ever since “The Omen” was released back in the seventies. In the movie, the story was told of a boy born under questionable circumstances, that bore three sixes on his head. Upon further investigation, his “father” discovered that he as really a Demon whose intentions were the destruction of humanity.

Christmas – A Great Season

Christmas is a time of giving and rejoicing for all of us in the entire world. For unto us this day is born our Savior. Now I am sure that if you have seen the Charlie Brown special you have seen that quote used before and know what it means. However, with all the commercialism that is involved in Christmas anymore it seems like the true reason is being lost on everyone.

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