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Is Miracle Healing a Part of Christianity?


Is Miracle Healing a Part of Christianity?

The core of Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ is God. In his teachings, Jesus spoke about how he would reveal His Kingdom. This supernatural work could include casting out demons, healing the sick, and transforming people’s lives. But despite the power of the supernatural, there are many questions about Christianity’s role in the supernatural realm.

The Bible is filled with first-hand witness accounts of the works of God. For example, the Book of Acts tells how Jesus’ disciples lived out his teachings. Other books, such as the epistles of Paul, describe how God worked through physical miracles. Those who follow Christ believe that God wants them to be healthy and able to spread the gospel to every creature.

Christianity became more accepted throughout the Middle Ages. The gospel was preached in large scale services, but ordinary Christians were also praying for their own family and strangers. By the fourth century, the church grew from five to thirty million people. But many of these people were simply nominal Christians, drawn to Christianity by gifts, or because they wanted higher status jobs.

Christians believe in Jesus’ healing power. In the first century, Jesus healed people in Galilee. The Jewish Scriptures recognized him as a healer and identified God with miracles. He restored the leper (2 Kings 5:1-15) and a dead child (Luke 5:17-24). The Gospels are filled with such stories of healing. A blind man runs toward Jesus, a deaf-mute man shouts praises, a paralyzed man walks home (Luke 5:17-26), and a paralyzed man walks home from a hospital bed. The lepers also return to worship in the temple. And an epileptic boy is healed from a demon.

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