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How Christianity Proves Itself


How Christianity Proves Itself

Many people have been exposed to enough Christianity to have developed a prejudice against it. Anti-Christian propaganda is common in the media and even among certain intellectual circles. This makes it even more difficult to convert people of such background to the Christian faith. But there is still hope for those who have not had the opportunity to experience Jesus’s love and sacrifice for them. Here are a few points that will help you understand the complexities of Christianity.

The Bible teaches that human beings are comprised of soul and body. Therefore, Christ came to save souls and raise bodies. The gospel accounts of Jesus’ public ministry are filled with stories of physical healing and exorcism. While these stories are fascinating, they are not the center of Christian belief. For the most part, Christians believe that baptism is an integral part of faith. But how is baptism important? Let’s examine the biblical teaching on baptism.

The apostles were not a perfect group, nor did they practice the miracles that Christians claim to have. They were small in number and did not perform many miracles. Those who believed in him were primarily concerned with educating their followers. Jesus’ apostles were not all-powerful, and had limited scope. But they were capable of doing many miracles. That’s the way Jesus intended it to be. This is one way Christianity can prove itself.

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