What’s Wrong With Forbidden Fruit? Part 1

Have you ever thought about our first parents sin? Adam & Eve ate a piece of fruit God told them not to eat. Have you ever done anything like that? Did it get you kicked out of your home, or sentenced to death? What was so bad about what Adam & Eve did?

Emerging Vehicles For Interfaith Dialogue

Today, a growing number of communities have sought to promote interfaith dialogue. I am the secretary for one interfaith alliance in southern California. Yesterday we had our April meeting. As usual, our Alliance members spent a good part of the meeting engaged in a religious exchange.

Can Rich People Get Into Heaven?

Why is it so hard for a rich man to get into heaven? The Bible tells us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, which means that, unless you mince the camel, it’s just about impossible. Another line in the Bible tells us that a man cannot serve God and Mammon.

How to Fail at Being a Christian – In 3 Easy Steps

It seems we excel at getting it wrong. Christianity is supposed to be easy (see Mt. 11:28-30). What happened?

Zimbabwe Religion

Traditional Zimbabwe Religion has a firm monotheistic faith rooted in the belief in one supreme creator. Today however this faith has been melded into a part Christian and part traditional. This blended faith is followed by at least fifty per cent of the people

Jesus Christ – The Prime Model For Doing Christian Missions

Christian Missions is about sharing the love of God and making genuine disciples of Jesus Christ. Whoever wishes to take up God’s call to do missions should look to Jesus as his or her primary model.

Celibacy – Time For Change

A small article appeared in a local newspaper in which a well-known Cardinal thought that the issue of celibacy should be re-addressed. He is correct; it is time for change.

The Truth About the Bible – Infallible Book of No Errors?

The bible contains errors, errors in chronological description and also errors of recording. Shocking indeed and its hard to believe what I have said isn’t it. Before you judge my statement as heretics, I urge you to read on but pray for divine protection against any false teachings. But I speak the truth so I must produce the evidence of this statement you may say.

Are You Going to Escape the Coming Judgement in a Rapture?

For years I have heard Christian after Christian talk about how they are all going to go to heaven before the book of Revelation begins to unfold. Is that your view? Perhaps we might have a look at a few scriptures and see if you are right!

Is Your Religion an Illusion? Who is God?

Most people that I run into on a regular basis while out and about on my journey through life, seem to believe in something. Most of them when asked, fear death and are often looking forward to going to a better place, like heaven when they die.

Was God From Another World?

I can’t believe how many people focus on the Scriptures or religious text and their holy books but never question the origins of God. People run around like chickens with their heads cut off proclaiming that they have the truth and yet never seek the existence of their creator.

The Greatest Story Ever Sold – Christianity

I was watching a program on Christianity the other day when someone on the show mentioned, “Jesus might not be God.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Jesus might not be God and Christianity might not be the true religion of the universe.

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