Where Have All the Clowns Gone?

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were getting ourselves situated in the living room with some after supper coffee while watching the little bit of TV. These days, a little bit of TV is about all a person can handle. Nothing quite measures up to a nice hot cup of coffee after a scrumptious supper and if anybody can scrumpturize a supper, it is the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. Every once in a while she will point out the fact that I am not as skinny as I once was. My response to her is simply this, “It’s your fault for being such a wonderful cook.”

Difficulties With Calvinism?

Names which identify systems of Christian belief have at times become the simplistic label of orthodoxy for different groups. John Calvin, the 16th century French Protestant Reformer, is a marked example. Some of what is popularly taken to be ‘Calvinism’ still causes misunderstanding among Christians. Here, is why I think it is not especially helpful to describe oneself as a Calvinist.

Pope Says Trump is Not a Christian, But the Bible Offers a Warning to Popes – Catholics May Be OK

The Bible implies that anyone following truth to the best of their ability is following Christ because He said, ‘I am the Truth.’ The problem comes with religions that don’t teach Bible truth or they change it to suit culture and their own practices. Christ who loves everyone is judge, but He implied that many who are religious are self-deceived in Matthew 7.

Jesus Was Not a Racist

Jews always considered Samaritans the worst racists. This reference is because the Samaritans were very hostile and inhospitable towards the Jews.

The Fourth Commandment

Across America, Believers are resurrecting the exhibiting of lawn sighs that depict the Ten Commandments. So many Christians are having trouble with the fourth one, for they believe it is not valid for the Church today. If that is so why not erase it from their placards and promote just the Nine Commandments? Really?

How God Sees Me

When the new smoking legislation was passed, I was still a full-on smoker. The new law forced manufacturers to inform all smokers in no uncertain terms about the dangers of smoking. I didn’t take much notice.

The Inspector Will Inspect Your Building Work

Jesus must be the foundation of our lives. We shouldn’t chase after fame, money or happiness. No, Jesus must be at the centre of our lives.

Sow the Gospel

Find the open door where God wants you to plan the seed of the Gospel. You don’t have to be afraid. God will take you by the hand. Know for sure that God will do His part and that the miracle will happen. The seed will germinate and the sprig will start to grow

First Milk, Then a Piece of Steak

We spent Easter Weekend with friends on the river at Swellendam. Next to us was a couple with a small baby. As I watched them I realized that I’d forgotten how much a small baby depends on his parents.

Get Off the Chair

Chase the own self from the chair and put your neighbour there. Live for your neighbour, because then you are living precisely according to God’s will for your life. Real joy and happiness will bowl you over.

The Spirit Helps With Understanding

Outside the world is making a big noise and the Holy Spirit’s voice is soft. Actually, everything is working against the Spirit and we must become quiet to hear the Spirit. We must realise that we must make space for the Spirit inside us. We must allow the own self to get off the chair to make space for the Holy Spirit. Then we’ll experience His impact on our lives. Then we’ll get to know God. Then we’ll know what His will for our lives is. Then we’ll be able to make a real impact on the lives of others, because we know God and we know this is precisely what He wants us to do. And all thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit inside us.

Find True Wisdom in God Only

Be wise and give God more space in your life. Make God a part of your life 24 hours a day. In a way this is a kind of insurance that we take out against stupid decisions.

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